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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Words Are Powerful - But Only God Places the Power Behind Words

By Mia Stubbs

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In God's word it states that there is life or death in the power of the tongue, but it is our Father that puts power behind the words! Just as He watches over His Children, He also watches over words that are spoken against us! He has given us a wonderful text for our mental comfort, a cushioned pillow text to sleep on "No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper, Every Tongue That Rise Against Us, We Shall Condemn"!

The true purpose of "No weapon formed shall prosper" is to protect the mind of the person being targeted by the enemy, whether it is the enemy gossiping, manipulating, using false insinuations to the mind, or the enemy using an individual while in casual conversation to tear down the spirit of another. The main tool as stated previously in this book is that the enemy uses gossip to destroy the mind of mankind. The enemy loves to try to bully God's beautiful children, and the main way is through gossip of the mind.

From the beginning of time, the enemy has tried to use gossip of the mind, manipulation and insinuations of the mind to removed God's children off the path designed by God. This fact is evident when he cunningly convinced one third of the angels to turn against God in Heaven. It was even more evident when he deceived and convinced Eve that disobedience to God would be more profitable to her, then obedience to God.

The powerful phrase, "No weapon formed against you, shall prosper," has been given as the answer key for mankind to walk in victory physically, spiritually and mentally. This powerful phrase is designed to be the cushioned pillow of peace, to sleep at night. It is the mental medicine of the mind, body and soul.

The enemy has unfortunately tried to convince mankind that there is no power in speaking with authority God's words for us, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper." The tactic he used, was to have mankind feel as though such powerful words stated in the Bible, given by God, Our Creator, were made simply for those in the Bible at that time, and that any passage stated in God's word, holds no weight of power now. This is another deception of the enemy, to try to handicap God's children, so that we will feel that there is no hope. This is his way of being a bully to the mind. This is the very reason why God created this verse, so that we would have a weapon to fight back against the enemy, to protect our mind.

How many times in conversation, have you been sharing with someone something great in life you would like to do? Some healing you would like to receive; and somewhere in the conversation, the enemy has used that person to tell you that your desired plans will not work, or your healing may not come, or will not come. Recognize that is the spirit of the enemy using that individual without them even knowing it. God has promised in His word, that He has already conquered the world, and all that we need to be victorious, through His blood. So all things are attainable in Him, wisdom, knowledge, healing, our desires, whatever we seek to allow us to progress forward, has already been conquered through Him.

So words only have power, when our Father puts the power behind it! This is great comfort for all!

God Is Love,
Mia Stubbs

Author Mia F. Stubbs shares her experience of gossip, and how it affected her life. She shares how gossip is a disease that most overlook. Her personal experience with gossip has given her the gift of sharing to many, her expressions of thoughts in writing. She points out how most people do not communicate what they feel verbally due to their inner silence. Through sharing her personal life experiences of gossip, it will result in being a warning or a comfort to another. She shares how a lot of the times, people do not share their pain with others, due to their feelings of being embarrassed, feelings that no one would understand, or the feelings of being judged. Not sharing your experiences can prevent the growth of another. In writing "Stop the Gossiping" book, it has been the bandages for her open wounds inflicted by others through gossip! Her openness in her book about gossip has opened a pathway of healing that has been long overdue and has given her the victory over her inner silence!!!

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