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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer - Who Shall We Pray For?

By Jan Tincher

The abducted or the abductor?

The Spirit of God is in us all.

When we get nervous and upset, anxious and afraid, filled with hate and losing the feeling of love, who shall we pray for?

we know that something bad has happened and our stomach gets tight, our
feelings are close to the surface, and we are fast losing hope, who
shall we pray for?

When something is not going our way and we are raising our voices against injustice, who shall we pray for?

should we pray for? We should pray for ourselves. How? May the words in
my mouth and the feelings in my heart be acceptable to You, Oh Lord.
Then act accordingly.

People react differently. If you are feeling the love of God in you, you act and react divinely.

someone who didn't know you saw what you were going through, even as a
bystander, who would they tend to pray for? You. Because in those
times, you've lost sight of God.

The Spirit of God is in us all.

that God is taking care of the world, because -- and get this straight
-- He is. None of our anxiety, hatred, or hopelessness is going to
change that. Change what you can -- change how YOU feel.

FEEL the love of God when you are facing difficulties. Let Him heal YOU.

that sound selfish? If we have bitterness in our heart, how can we take
care of others? If we have hatred in our hearts, well, how can we help
with hatred? Is that God's way? I don't think so. If we have LOVE, we
are spreading what? LOVE! And doesn't that feel grand?

God is
taking care of the world -- why should we get nervous or upset, anxious
or afraid, filled with hatred or lose the feeling of love?

God is
taking care of the world -- why should our stomach get tight, our
feelings be close to the surface, and we be fast losing hope?

is taking care of the world -- why, when something is not going our
way, should we be raising our voices against injustice? It would be
like raising our voice against God. That isn't the path we have sought,
is it?

Do not we trust God to make everything all right? And when we feel that trust, don't things actually turn around?

has their own path to walk. Let them walk it. Let them walk it with
your prayers as you take care of yourself. God and the Angels will take
care everyone else. Know that in place of sending your anxiety,
bitterness, or hatred to the situation, you have now decided to send
the Angels.

When the situation is over, ask the person you have
prayed for if they felt the flutter of little wings. Know that God is
everywhere. His messengers, the Angels, are with us always.

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