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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Words Are Producing Your Life

By Franklin Broomfield

The Bible has a lot to say about your mouth. God has
connected your mouth to every area of your life. Your words are
producing your life. People need to understand the power of their
words. The power God has given their words. God gave you a mouth and
told man to subdue the earth. How was man going to subdue the earth?
Just like God by the words of his mouth. God made you in his image and
in his likeness so your words have to have power. How could God make
you in his image and in his likeness and your words not have power?
Just as God created the world with his words you create the life you
want with your words. God created this world by releasing his faith in
words. And you speak things in your life by releasing your faith in

Look at Joshua 1:8 God said by meditating in his word, by
keeping his word in your mouth you would make your way prosperous. By
God's word in your mouth you will prosper. Because understand this
God's word is creative. And whether his word comes out of his mouth or
yours it still will accomplish (Isaiah 55:11). You are made in God's
likeness so by you releasing your faith in God's word by the words of
your mouth you create. When you believe God's word you will speak it (2
Corinthians 4:13). And when you believe God's word and speak it you
will have what you say (Mark 11:23).

But to get that faith you
are going to have to spend time in the word. Because faith cometh by
hearing that's why God told Joshua to meditate in his word day and
night. That was God's way of telling him how to get faith for the
things God was going to work through him. God can only work through you
as much as you can believe for. And time in the word raises your
confidence in God and his word. Therefore you are able to believe for
more so God can work more through you.

But it all starts with
your faith. Faith in God, faith in God's word, faith in the power God
has given your words. God word is incorruptible seed. And seed has to
be planted. That's where meditation comes in. The more you meditate on
the word of God the more that seed is planted and watered (1
Corinthians 3:6-9). And when seed is planted and watered it will
produce. That word has to take root in your heart. And when that word
takes root in your heart the watering of the word will bring it forth
into your life.

So just as God's word was creative in the
beginning it is still creative. In the beginning God said what He
wanted to be. And now it's time you open your mouth and speak what you
want to be. God put you on this earth and gave you power and authority.
He told man to subdue the earth and he was to do just that by the words
of his mouth. You exercise authority with your mouth and he put all the
works of his hands under your authority (Psalms 8:6)

So let the
redeemed of the Lord say so. You have some say about what goes on in
your life. You can decree a thing and it shall be established. You
don't have to let the circumstances dictate to you what will be you can
decree what will be. Stop letting life rule you and you start ruling
it. Like God told man in the beginning you subdue the earth. So by your
words create the life you want. Your life is up to you either you will
rule as God intended by putting his word in your mouth or you will
speak the circumstances and let them rule you.

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