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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Worship Leading - A Way to Lead True Worship

By Dave J Brown

In a prior article on worship leading I have talked
about the praise section of church worship, so now I would like to turn
my attention to my favorite part of worship leading, the worship part
of the service. This to me is where the "rubber hits the road," because
this is the time I adore most, getting up and private and private with
the Lord.

Of course, you can worship anywhere, any time, without
singing or music, but that is not the point here. I want to look at the
kinds of songs you can use when worship leading this part of the
meeting. As an element of my worship leading coaching manual, I teach
on the kinds of songs, and where you should be going with the tone of
the service at about that point. I have tons of really useful material
which you can access in the worship leading coaching course, but here's
a little scattering simply to get you thinking...

Worship: My
favorite part of worship is the deep stuff, the quiet stuff, the times
of intimacy with God. And as the track claims, let's get back to the
guts of worship : it's all about You, Jesus! Concerning worship I would
make the following suggestions:

a) It does not need to be soft:
It may be quiet and intimate, or a power ballad! Occasionally you can
lead worship to a crescendo, while at other times you can be gentle and
intimate. For suggestions of how to do this, see the chapters on style
and modulation. Consider the flow of the Spirit, feel it and follow the
premiere of the Spirit. That way you can really have an anointed
worship time.

b ) Let the tracks progress : Personal song:
starting with private songs ( those which use the pronouns I, me) and
lead your worship service to songs that focus only on the Lord. Songs
with I/Me in them are not only private but allow the people to reply to
the Lord and open their hearts to Him. This should lead on to the
ultimate goal of deep worship. You should be planning to flow from one
song to the subsequent easily, as you delicately lead people into a
deep experience with the Lord.

c ) Let the songs progress : High
Worship or Praise : These are worship leading times when you forget
you, the person, or I/Me, and turn towards or concentrate only on the
Lord. Many hymns are superb for this. Sadly , there are few modern
worship songs that are like this. Some older ones which illustrate the
sort of song I am talking about are "Turn Your Eyes On Jesus", "Holy
Ground", "Hallelujah" and "He is Lord". Michael W. Smith's handsome
worship hymn "Agnus Dei" is a great song for high praise.

4. Open
or Free Worship : For some this is terribly frightful, while for others
completely natural. This happens when folks start to praise God in
their own way, without structure or (and note this ) direction for the
front. God, being a creative God, adores it when we present to Him a
spontaneous song from the heart, just as we parents love to hear the
tunes our kids make up.

This style of worship leading isn't
everyone's cup of tea, and neither is it for every church, but the Lord
may do do this one day and surprise you! Let's be open, but not force
it. Through the years I have seen some sensational examples of Open
worship, and some remarkable abuses of it. I have devoted a complete
chapter to this area later in the book.

Finally, Iif you really
need to explore the art of worship leading, please consider obtaining
my worship leading coaching manual. I guarantee it will transform your
worship leading experience and help you progress to become the worship
leader you long to be!

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