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Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is God Like?

By Tom Dennis

Good question; one that has been discussed for as
long as time has existed. What do you think? If I had never heard of
God and I asked you to describe God to me, what words would you use?
Judgmental? Distant? Unimportant? Sweet and caring? Maybe you are one
of the lucky (and rare) ones who would use words like ruler but friend,
strong but loving, distant but at the same time close. For too much of
my life I would have used the judgment words. Then I got to know Jesus
and discovered that God wasn't at all like I thought he was.

follower of Jesus once asked him, "Lord, show us the Father..." Jesus
replied to him that "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." Find
this conversation in the Bible at John chapter 14 verses 8-14. Jesus
was saying that he, himself is God and that if you get to know him, you
will find out what God the Father is really like.

As I have read
the stories about Jesus from the Bible, I have developed a much
different picture of God than I once had. I now think of God as very
patient, forgiving, more loving than I could ever even totally
understand. I also am beginning to get a grasp for how infinitely smart
and wise God is. Oh, is God judgmental? Someday, the Bible tells us, we
will have to stand before him and answer for how we lived our lives.
Have you lived your life perfectly? I know I haven't. Far from it. Even
Mother Teresa claimed to be terribly self-centered in comparison to a
holy and perfect God. Is God judgmental, though? No, not at all. How
great is that? God offers forgiveness for our guilt and perfect
acceptance for any and all who will simply accept that forgiveness. God
continually offers, offers, and offers. God continually gives, gives,
and gives. All he asks is that we'll accept what he has to offer.

does he offer? We'll be talking more about that in coming blogs. Want a
preview? Read the book of John in the Bible. You'll find there a wealth
of what God offers.

is a seminary graduate and former missionary in western Europe. He now
works in business to pay the bills, but his real love is telling people
about Jesus. Check out Tom's blog at http://www.livinginthekingdomnow.com

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