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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Learning How to Pray

By Robert R Fenn

One day the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to
pray. Most of what I have learned and continue to learn is from his
teachings. I am so glad to share this with you.

Learning How to Pray

Stop using prayer for self promotion

you pray (especially in public), don't turn that into a Hollywood
production. Most corporate prayers turn into a regular show for others
people to praise you for a good performance. How many times we are
tempted to please those around us, especially when we pray in public.
If that is all you are expecting out of prayer, you certainly got it.
Focus on God when you pray

Pray in private

On the other
hand, when you pray in private (all alone by yourself and God) you do
not have an audience to perform. God is the only one present and he is
not that easily fooled by your actions or words! You just cannot
pretend before God to be some one else. It is always easier to pretend
to be someone else (a hypocrite) in front of others. When you are alone
with you will sense his presence and love. God sees you in all your
sinfulness and shame, yet he loves you and wants to hear from you, talk
to you, and help you. God can help only when you pray to your Father in
private in all sincerity and truth. God is interested in your prayer
and worship when you do it in spirit and truth. Try this and you will
begin to love God.

Don't use unnecessary words

religions use scripts and mantras to say repeatedly. They think that
when you repeat their words repeatedly God will hear them. Some of the
religions including Christianity use formulas, programs, and techniques
in prayer to get answers to prayer. Words do not get anywhere with God
unless the heart is in the right place before God. God knows even
before you utter a word what you need. So in short, what I am saying is
not to have a script for prayer. Do you go to your boss, father,
mother, or friend talk out of a script? Be natural but sincere and
honest with God in prayer.

Acknowledge that God exist and is Holy

Father is in heaven that is his throne; the earth is his footstool
where we are! Always remember that. He created everything and for him
all these things exist. You are a created being. We need to be aware
and say that He created us for his pleasure. We should be pleasing in
His sight.

We need to remember that God is awesome and fearful.
He is holy. Only through the blood of Jesus as cleansed and made holy
can we approach the throne of grace, yet with fear and trembling. Those
days, when we prayed we knelt down in holy reverence.

The body
posture did something to our inward attitude. When you sit casually,
you are causal. When you pray like that you may lose the sense of
reverence and fear for God. If you have nothing against kneeling or
even prostrating before God, all alone, no one watching, please try and
you will feel it. Remember we cannot fool God with kneeling when you
are heart is not right with him. Confess your sins to him.

Pray along with God' will

God created us, He had a purpose and will. When man disobeyed, did not
fulfill God's purpose. Jesus on the cross and resurrection made it
possible for us to now try to fulfill His purpose. Heaven does God's
will. Pray that the earth does just as well. Therefore we pray like
that the more we would be conscious that the earth still in imperfect
because of sin. However, it is not hopeless nor a lost cause, we still
have hope that God will be done ultimately. Let us pray to that end.

Acknowledge your total dependence on God

are grateful for jobs, work, business we have. Through which we provide
for our family. Yet, the real source of our provision is in the God we
worship. He gives us the strength and means to earn our way. He still
is and always will be our provider. Give us this day our daily bread,
echoes the thought that we should also not worry about tomorrow
especially in the global economic crisis of 2009.

Give us our
daily bread today, emphasis two facts, one daily and other today.
Forget tomorrow. The Israelites in the wilderness, has their manna
everyday from heaven, They are not to gather and store up for tomorrow.
If they did, it will be full of worms, except for the Sabbath day.

our relation ship to God we should depend and trust him, for our
everyday needs on a daily basis. Income from our work will come and go!
Faithfulness of our great God remains the same. Great is his

Pray for others and forgive them

We ought to
pray for others. When you pray for others, there is a blessing.
Forgiving others' sins is a proof of our love for our neighbor. We do
not understand the truth behind this teaching. We sometimes take it
lightly and keep harboring hatred, vengeance, and animosity towards our
brothers and sisters. People have talked ill of us of offended or
insulted us, or may have even hurt us in the past.

We ought to
forgive if God is to forgive our sins. There is no way around this
truth. IT is not easy in the beginning, but you will find it easier as
you grow in the grace of forgiveness.

Depend on God to help you in temptations

will be come. As long as Satan still around, he is powerless now that
our Lord has resurrected, and all power I given to him under heaven and

What is temptation and what is evil. Temptation is to
bring our attention to some thing that attracts us. Our eyes, body, and
pride are the focus. God never tempts us. Satan or our own flesh does.
If you yield to temptation, then it becomes sin. Temptation itself if
not sin, it is giving in that leads to sin. Therefore, we ought to pray
that God can move tempting situations away for us.

God is the
only one who has the power to deliver us from evil. Leading to
Temptation and delivering from evil are together. Deliverance from evil
is the strength to resist. God will grant us this on a daily basis when
we include that in our prayer life.

For God alone belongs KINGDOM, POWER and GLORY for ever

very reason we pray to God is that he is the source of all power and
glory and all Kingdoms belong to him. He will raise one bring down
another. There is power given to men that is not from God. He
rightfully deserves our worship with attributes of kingdom, power, and
glory. Let us praise him every day in our prayer life joining the
angels and elders in Heaven saying, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of
Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of thy Glory.

In His Everlasting Love

Robert Fenn

Robert Fenn is a pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years.

His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and
failures. He loves to share God's unfailing love, protection and
guidance to others throughout his life.
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