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Monday, May 18, 2009

De-Stress Yourself With Prayer

By Elizabeth Stanfill

Miracles Follow Faith

When we have trials and
tribulation we tend to turn to God. It is a better solution to have a
close relationship with the Lord, whether troubled or not, so that our
faith will remain with us throughout our difficulties. Maybe Heavenly
Father gives us troubles so that we may turn to him and become closer
to him.

This hub is intended to help give suggestions on how we
can Destress through prayer. What does it mean to Destress? It means to
change our stressful habits of doubt, fear, and worry into successful
habits of certainty, confidence, hope, and faith in God, others and
ourselves. These particular habits I speak of are our thoughts. More
often than not, when we have crisis, we tend to habitually think the
worst is going to happen rather than having faith that everything will
be fine, because it always is.

With that said, please allow me to outline some suggestions on How to Destress Yourself with prayer.

Pray often. Preferably morning, noon, and night. This practice will
bring us closer to the Lord, which will increase our faith in Him, in
His Only Begotten, Jesus Christ, and in our life.

2. Be grateful.
When we thank Heavenly Father for the good things in our life and for
the good things that have recently happened to us it helps us focus on
an attitude of gratitude and the good in life. What is good is from God.

Ask the Lord. When we ask the Lord for the things we are in need of we
are showing our faith in Him and that he will provide for us. He knows
what we have need of and it is only necessary to ask in faith.

Declare, Thy will be done. When we say this to God we are expressing
our willingness and our intention to obey His command even if it is not
what we want.

5. Pray for God to bless specific people who are in
need. When we do this we are serving one another by praying for the
well fair of our brothers and sisters here on earth.

6. Pray for
forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you for the things that you have done
that are not of his design. As the Apostles of old exhorted us to
Repent, we must repent continuously.

7. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Always pray in Jesus' name. This shows faith in Him and ends the prayer in faith.

are a few suggestions that, if practiced, will bring us closer to the
Lord, which in turn will create us to have more faith in Him and in our
lives. When we have faith we are De-stressed.

When we are close
to Heavenly Father we are more able to hear that still small voice of
inspiration. In addition to prayer, feast on the words of Christ, in
the scriptures, serve one another, and trust in God.

With these practices, I promise, you will have comfort and joy.

Stanfill, Managing Director of Destress Yourself, is an authority and
expert in Critical Incident Stress Management, General Stress
Management, and Overcoming Burnout. She specializes in teaching
individuals to discover the stressful habits that are holding them back
in life and changing these habits into successful practices that create
explosive jumps in personal and professional performance. For more free
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