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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Audio Bible Ministry Demonstrates Digital Discipleship

By: Jon Wilke

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, is
joining with other global ministries to support Internet Evangelism
Day, a campaign to encourage believers to share the Gospel through the

“These days, when people are looking for answers about life, the
Internet is the first place many search,” said Tony Whittaker, Internet
Evangelism Day founder and organizer.

“Ministries need to be ready to help answer those questions with their
biblical resources,” said Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing’s national
director. “We have to meet people where they are and bring them the
Gospel message.”

“Faith Comes By Hearing offers many ways to get engaged in online Bible listening and then reach out to others,” Carl said.

Audio Bible Downloads

For starters, visitors to FaithComesByHearing.com can download an entire Audio Drama New Testament in more than 350 languages.

People can also reach others with the Bible in audio through a
revolutionary online Bible distribution application, called the Audio
Bible Ambassador.

“This revolutionary application is interactive,” said Carl. “People can
sponsor other languages, track how many people they’ve reached with the
Bible and even see a world map of where those people are.”

Online Bible Streaming

Also, FaithComesByHearing.com currently offers free online Bible
listening in 10 languages. In only three clicks, users can start
listening to the Word of God in one of the world’s major languages.

All 359 of Faith Comes By Hearing’s Audio New Testaments are being
processed for this new Bible listening program and will soon be

Global Online Bible Outreach

In addition, Faith Comes By Hearing has an impressive global outreach,
providing Audio Bible downloads to people around the world. Through
hundreds of internationally-based websites, Faith Comes By Hearing
offers free downloads of the Audio Bible.

Other FaithComesByHearing.com Features

• Free Audio Bible podcasts from Psalms and Proverbs, the New Testament or the KIDZ Bible

• Stirring stories and testimonies from the field

• Compelling videos about how God’s Word in audio is impacting the world

• “ShareThis” link, which allows users to post their favorite content to their social network sites

• “Link To Us” page, featuring free Audio Bible widgets for bloggers and webmasters

Online Outreach and Internet Evangelism Day

“Every believer with a computer and access to the Internet can easily
share their faith using God’s Word,” said Carl. “Internet Evangelism
Day is a rallying call to encourage and unite believers to use
technology and introduce people to Christ.”

“So, who can you reach out to today?” asked Carl. “What are you waiting for?”

Jon Wilke is the auther of this article. Faith Comes By Hearing offers
the world’s largest catalog of Audio Bibles to individuals and nations
who hunger to hear. Find more information about Audio Bibles visit – http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com

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