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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pope Praises Mideast Christians for Persevering

Pope Benedict XVI praised Sunday the courage of Middle East Christians who cling to their faith despite war and adversity, addressing a crowd at a stadium where he celebrated the first open-air Mass of his Holy Land pilgrimage.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God Will Never Give Up on You

By Robert Moment

God has provided each of us with spiritual gifts and
graced us all with the ability to love and forgive ourselves and
others. The problems we have stem from our own inability to use these
gifts and our unwillingness to give in to the love and forgiveness in
order to make our lives whole. It's a part of our human nature to be
suspicious and give up on ourselves because we are afraid that others
have given up on us. Or if they haven't given up on us yet, they just
might give up on us in the future.

After all, we think, we don't
have the patience to endlessly forgive and love everyone, so how can we
depend on others to do the same for us? We all remember someone in our
lives who let us down so often that we gave up on them in disgust.
Perhaps it was someone who lied to us so often that we no longer
believed them when they made a promise. Or a loved one who swore he or
she would change, but we no longer thought it was possible because
they'd failed so many times before. When we've been lied to, cheated on
or let down by others, it destroys our ability to believe in others. By
the same token, it destroys our ability to believe that anyone could
ever possibly believe completely and without reservation in us.

God is different. We don't have to prove ourselves to him. No matter
how many times we fail or fall short of the goal, He will forgive us
and love us. He is our comfort and strength. We need never go it alone,
for the presence and love of God is our constant companion and doesn't
depend upon our own actions or whether we've "proven" ourselves
trustworthy or "good enough." In God's eyes, we will always be Loved.

"The Lord protects the simple; when I was brought low, he saved me."

Psalm 116:6

eternal love of God, based not on what we do or don't do, is one of the
most precious gifts in the universe. Just imagine - God's love is
unconditional. That means that no matter how many lies you tell, no
matter how many times you let Him down or break a promise to Him, God
will never give up on you! This should give you amazing strength and
confidence. You are loved! You will always be loved - and nothing will
ever change that love!

Remember Christ's last words to His
disciples, all hard working, simple men who made many mistakes while
trying to follow in his footsteps. When He appeared to His disciples
after the crucifixion, He reminded them that they had much work to do
in God's name, but they were frightened and confused. But He wasn't
disappointed in them and He didn't desert them. Before going to His
father in heaven, he reminded them of the most important thing that we
must all keep in mind to keep us strong in our faith,

"Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Matthew 28:20

God always with you, even to the end of time, it becomes easier to
believe in ourselves and in others. After all, if the Lord will never
give up on us, who are we to give up on ourselves? Know, then, that
with God, you can be successful in all that matters.

Moment is an innovative forward-thinking Christian business and
marketing coach, speaker and author of new published book, God Will
Always Be There For You. Robert is passionate about empowering
individuals on how to experience God's love, power, joy , peace, and
prosperity. Visit http://www.ChristianInspirational.org and sign-up for the FREE Christian Living e-course.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Audio Bible Ministry Demonstrates Digital Discipleship

By: Jon Wilke

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, is
joining with other global ministries to support Internet Evangelism
Day, a campaign to encourage believers to share the Gospel through the

“These days, when people are looking for answers about life, the
Internet is the first place many search,” said Tony Whittaker, Internet
Evangelism Day founder and organizer.

“Ministries need to be ready to help answer those questions with their
biblical resources,” said Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing’s national
director. “We have to meet people where they are and bring them the
Gospel message.”

“Faith Comes By Hearing offers many ways to get engaged in online Bible listening and then reach out to others,” Carl said.

Audio Bible Downloads

For starters, visitors to FaithComesByHearing.com can download an entire Audio Drama New Testament in more than 350 languages.

People can also reach others with the Bible in audio through a
revolutionary online Bible distribution application, called the Audio
Bible Ambassador.

“This revolutionary application is interactive,” said Carl. “People can
sponsor other languages, track how many people they’ve reached with the
Bible and even see a world map of where those people are.”

Online Bible Streaming

Also, FaithComesByHearing.com currently offers free online Bible
listening in 10 languages. In only three clicks, users can start
listening to the Word of God in one of the world’s major languages.

All 359 of Faith Comes By Hearing’s Audio New Testaments are being
processed for this new Bible listening program and will soon be

Global Online Bible Outreach

In addition, Faith Comes By Hearing has an impressive global outreach,
providing Audio Bible downloads to people around the world. Through
hundreds of internationally-based websites, Faith Comes By Hearing
offers free downloads of the Audio Bible.

Other FaithComesByHearing.com Features

• Free Audio Bible podcasts from Psalms and Proverbs, the New Testament or the KIDZ Bible

• Stirring stories and testimonies from the field

• Compelling videos about how God’s Word in audio is impacting the world

• “ShareThis” link, which allows users to post their favorite content to their social network sites

• “Link To Us” page, featuring free Audio Bible widgets for bloggers and webmasters

Online Outreach and Internet Evangelism Day

“Every believer with a computer and access to the Internet can easily
share their faith using God’s Word,” said Carl. “Internet Evangelism
Day is a rallying call to encourage and unite believers to use
technology and introduce people to Christ.”

“So, who can you reach out to today?” asked Carl. “What are you waiting for?”

Jon Wilke is the auther of this article. Faith Comes By Hearing offers
the world’s largest catalog of Audio Bibles to individuals and nations
who hunger to hear. Find more information about Audio Bibles visit – http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trust God - He Will Lift You Up

By Cindy Biggar

There is no better word than God's Word, and when we
praise Him and lift Him up, He lifts us up too!!! The Bible says, " If
God is for us, who can be against us?" When troubles come and there
seems no help the Psalmist declares in Psalm 3:3 "But Thou O Lord, art
a shield for me; my glory and the lifter of my head." He is our shield
that blocks the fiery darts of the enemy. He is the lifter of our head,
the one Who lifts our forlorn faces up to His, looks into our eyes and
reassuringly says "everything is going to be OK, because I am with you
and I will never leave you nor forsake you." And in Psalm 46:1 "God is
our refuge and our strength, a VERY present help in trouble." He is on
the job 24/7. He doesn't leave us when times get tough. When no one
else understands, and we can't even explain how we feel, God is there,
always understanding, always ready to hold us, to carry us and to see
us through! His peace passes all of our understanding. His loving
kindness never ends, and His mercy endures forever!!! What a mighty God
we serve!!!

Though we have troubles and the enemy is around us on
every side, God does not leave us. He diligently watches over us. His
hand is always ready to save those who cry out to Him. There are times
when we get discouraged and think that God has left us, but He hasn't.
He never leaves us. All we need to do is call upon the name of the Lord
and He will save us.

The Psalmist declared in Psalm 91 that
"though a thousand may fall at our side and ten thousand at our right
hand, it will not come near us" and that He will give His angels charge
over us to keep us in all our ways; they will bear us up in their hands
so we won't even stump our toe on a rock!

God cares about you! He
wants to bless you. He wants to take care of your every need. Just ask
Him. Jesus declared that many times we do not have what we need simply
because we did not ask. So ask, and believe and then you will receive.

in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." Psalm

If you will only trust God and not rely on your own knowledge and
limited understanding, and then acknowledge Him by talking to Him,
spending time with Him, and including Him in your daily affairs, THEN
He will then give you the direction that you need and guide you in the
way that you need to go.

So trust Him. He will lift you up!

order to live a successful life here on this earth, we must trust in
God. Trusting in God is not always easy. Doubts, fear and worry get in
the way. Cindy Biggar, author, songwriter and lead singer for Christian
band Serving6, stresses how important it is to Have Faith. Then we can overcome the cares of this world and live out the life God intended for us. Get more insight on learning how to Trust in God and how to overcome doubts, fears and anxiety on Cindy's Blog.

Monday, May 18, 2009

De-Stress Yourself With Prayer

By Elizabeth Stanfill

Miracles Follow Faith

When we have trials and
tribulation we tend to turn to God. It is a better solution to have a
close relationship with the Lord, whether troubled or not, so that our
faith will remain with us throughout our difficulties. Maybe Heavenly
Father gives us troubles so that we may turn to him and become closer
to him.

This hub is intended to help give suggestions on how we
can Destress through prayer. What does it mean to Destress? It means to
change our stressful habits of doubt, fear, and worry into successful
habits of certainty, confidence, hope, and faith in God, others and
ourselves. These particular habits I speak of are our thoughts. More
often than not, when we have crisis, we tend to habitually think the
worst is going to happen rather than having faith that everything will
be fine, because it always is.

With that said, please allow me to outline some suggestions on How to Destress Yourself with prayer.

Pray often. Preferably morning, noon, and night. This practice will
bring us closer to the Lord, which will increase our faith in Him, in
His Only Begotten, Jesus Christ, and in our life.

2. Be grateful.
When we thank Heavenly Father for the good things in our life and for
the good things that have recently happened to us it helps us focus on
an attitude of gratitude and the good in life. What is good is from God.

Ask the Lord. When we ask the Lord for the things we are in need of we
are showing our faith in Him and that he will provide for us. He knows
what we have need of and it is only necessary to ask in faith.

Declare, Thy will be done. When we say this to God we are expressing
our willingness and our intention to obey His command even if it is not
what we want.

5. Pray for God to bless specific people who are in
need. When we do this we are serving one another by praying for the
well fair of our brothers and sisters here on earth.

6. Pray for
forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you for the things that you have done
that are not of his design. As the Apostles of old exhorted us to
Repent, we must repent continuously.

7. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Always pray in Jesus' name. This shows faith in Him and ends the prayer in faith.

are a few suggestions that, if practiced, will bring us closer to the
Lord, which in turn will create us to have more faith in Him and in our
lives. When we have faith we are De-stressed.

When we are close
to Heavenly Father we are more able to hear that still small voice of
inspiration. In addition to prayer, feast on the words of Christ, in
the scriptures, serve one another, and trust in God.

With these practices, I promise, you will have comfort and joy.

Stanfill, Managing Director of Destress Yourself, is an authority and
expert in Critical Incident Stress Management, General Stress
Management, and Overcoming Burnout. She specializes in teaching
individuals to discover the stressful habits that are holding them back
in life and changing these habits into successful practices that create
explosive jumps in personal and professional performance. For more free
information about Destressing Yourself please sign up for our free
Destress Yourself Newsletter and receive free admission to our monthly
Destress Yourself teleclass. http://destressyourself.com/

7 Things a Psychic Won't Tell You

By Sheldon Carlough

1) How your soul is placed in jeopardy and your divine plan undermined by readings.

2) How you are used by psychics for the benefit of their own ego gratification and showmanship.

3) How psychic's unhappiness, hatred, and anger towards God and humanity are expressed in dire predictions.

4) How psychics & mediums are an instrument of the culture of death.

5) Only you with your higher mental body can know your divine plan.

6) How psychics steal your energy to use against others.

7) How you unwittingly set back the progress of society by giving your energy to psychics, mediums, and the astral realm.

probably more than ever, people are turning to psychics and mediums to
guide them through times that are filled with fear, doubt, and a sense
of hopelessness. People are seeking a glimmer, a morsel of good news,
hoping that they will be told something positive. Today people need
hope and trust but they don't know where to turn to. It's been decades
since we've had leaders we could count on and trust. Betrayal from the
government, financial gurus, and corporations are the norm. With all of
that, people are losing their faith in God with feelings of injustice
prevailing as they wonder what will happen to them next. Fear is a
terrible thing!

Unfortunately most people don't realize what they
are bargaining for as they enlist the assistance of psychics, mediums,
and the astral world.

Your soul is placed in jeopardy because
when you visit a psychic you are relinquishing your own will to that of
another. How can another person know for certain what God's plan is for
you? Your soul then becomes vulnerable to suggestions by the psychic
that may never be a part of your holy work.

Psychics love to be
looked upon as all powerful and knowing as though they have something
over everyone else. Many are part of the ever increasing entertainment
industry as people love to be dazzled by supernatural phenomenon as
though they were at a magic show. This certainly strokes their ego and
makes them feel important.

You have no idea what you are walking
into when you sit with a psychic for a reading. That person could be
having a terrible day and God forbid tied into some very negative
astral energies. Some have a hatred and anger towards God for any
number of reasons. Therefore they enjoy as revenge against God
predicting calamities, doom, gloom, and dire future. Not only is this
sensationalism which promotes their business but it also creates a
state of fear around the globe.

Many psychics and mediums who
contact spirits that have passed over are dealing in a culture of death
not life. Just because someone has passed over does not mean that they
have suddenly acquired some great knowledge or illumination. If they
had they would be in higher octaves of light seeking to bless life with
the heavenly hosts and not dwelling in the darkness of the astral
plane. It's pure pollution. Besides, are there not terrible people who
have died who were an abomination as human beings on the other side.
Would you want to be receiving advice and counsel from these evil
spirits, some who are soulless for their defiance towards God?

desire to know things about yourself especially about what your divine
plan can't come from some psychic or medium. This knowledge comes from
having an attunement to your own higher self. Something that with a
little work is easily accessible so that your life can be progressive
and enriched according to God's plan for you!

You may find some
psychics that give good practical advice but so can anyone. You do not
need to pay for it as though you aren't worthy enough to be blessed
with good associations. The danger lies in coming in contact with
someone who could be negative, jealous of your spiritual light, or
someone who is seeking that revenge against God by giving bad advice or
the wrong advice. It would be like asking someone for directions and
they purposely give you the wrong ones.

When you visit a psychic
or participate in seances with mediums you are anteing up with your own
spiritual energy whether you like it or not. These people use your
energy to turn over to the dead so they can operate. They have to get
it somewhere. So while you think your being entertained you have just
been pick pocketed by these spirits which often times leaves you
feeling washed out and a sense of dissatisfaction. When you visit
psychics/mediums you give them your attention most times in a
heightened state as you await with abated breath what might happen,
only to have your energy taken from you. Whatever you place your
attention on is where your energy goes. You wouldn't expect a fund
manager to place your funds into an risky or illegal investment. Do you
know what that psychic/medium is doing with your energy?

When you
turn your energy over to others and especially the dead, it is a
setback for society. God only allots so much energy per day for each of
us. How you use it depends on the future of this planet. When a people
constantly feel depressed, hopeless, with doom and gloom, it drags the
energy of the planet down creating almost a self fulfilling prophecy of
dire predictions. Instead you should all be rising everyday with the
energy of hope, optimism, and good will. This is not some Pollyanna
consciousness but a proactive way of creating the life that is possible
in this world with the potential of turning things around. The messes
we have today are man made. God gave us free will to do what we will.
How about creating a world where there is no hatred, anger, war,
sickness, and hopelessness. It starts with you visualizing that there
can be a society that is and will be better than the one we have today.

company provides information and products on the Healing, Education,
and Enlightenment of the Soul. You can blog on these topics at http://www.triumphantsoul.com

Visit our social community where you can join discussions on a variety of topics relating to the soul at http://www.thetriumphantsoul.com

Bible Stories - Jeremiah Speaks to the King

By Julia Shipley

One day God spoke to Jeremiah and said, "Jeremiah,
take a roll of a book and write in it all the words that I have spoken
to you. Perhaps when the people hear again of the evil that must come
upon them unless they turn from their sins, they will be sorry and I
may forgive them."

Jeremiah called a man named Baruch to help
him. He dictated to him the words of the Lord, and Baruch wrote them
down in ink in a great scroll. It took him a long time to do this, for
it was all written by hand. When it was all finished, Jeremiah sent
Baruch to the temple to read it to the people who gathered there. Some
listened and feared. Finally some men asked if it could be read before
the king.

The king was sitting in his palace. Some of his
servants were sitting with him as the message from the scroll was read
to him. The scribe read about the judgements that would come upon them
if they did not repent and turn to the Lord. He has only read a little
bit of it when the king snatched it out of his hand, cut it into pieces
with his penknife and threw it into the fire that was burning on the

He repeated this until the whole scroll was burned up.
Three of his servants begged him not to burn it, but he would not
listen to them. When his father good King Josiah, had heard the Word of
God for the first time, he tore his clothing with fear and sorrow. But
his son did not fear God and neither did his servants. None of them
were fearful as the copy of God's Word was burned.

Perhaps the
king thought that by destroying this copy, he could keep it from coming
to pass: but God watched over His Word. The king tried to take Jeremiah
and Baruch prisoners, but the Lord hid them. Then the word of the Lord
came again to Jeremiah, "Take another roll and write again all the
words that were in the first roll. And say to the king, "All this
punishment and more shall come upon you." So they wrote the scroll
again and many other words to it.

Shipley is a committed Christian worshiping and serving in her local
church. She has a heart for the young children and the youth believing
the word of God is the final authority. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to
"Train a child in the way that they should go: And when they are old
they will not depart from it."

I believe that we should be
teaching our children about the Word of the Lord. It is foundational
for life. For information regarding Sunday school lessons and other Bible stories

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life Lessons From the Bible - New Insights on Joseph

By Vauna Byrd

This week I was reading in the Bible, the story of
Joseph of Egypt-a story I've read many times, but I had some new
insights this week. Most everyone knows the basics...his father Jacob
loved Joseph so much that his brothers were jealous of him. So they
sold him to some travelers and told their father he had been killed by
a wild beast.

Now, the only thing Joseph ever really did to bring
his fate upon himself was to be so well trusted and beloved. But at a
tender age he was taken from his family to become basically a slave.
But what I realized is that the Lord had a greater plan for Joseph.
Here he had these terrible things happen to him through no fault of his
own that were the Lord's means of bringing about his greater purposes.

ended up in Egypt as a servant to Potiphar, captain of Pharaoh's guard.
There he became trusted and loved as well. Potiphar made Joseph
overseer of his household. He was given access to every thing that
Potiphar had... except one, his wife. Well, Potiphar's wife ended up
with her eye on Joseph. But, Joseph, being true and faithful as he was,
wasn't about to be seduced. But the wife of Potiphar took this
personally and accused him of trying to seduce her.

Here is
another of life's lessons in this. One thing I've learned is that
frequently those who scream the loudest about things tend to be guilty
of exactly those things themselves.
So Joseph ended up in prison for this. But it was as a result of
his time in prison that Joseph ended up being Pharaoh's right hand man.
Through interpreting the dreams of others in the prison, he was sent
for when the Pharaoh had a dream that no one else could interpret.

how crappy would that be, to be sold to strangers as a young man, then
get thrown in prison for doing what's right! But it's important to see
that these were God's steps to put Joseph in the right place at the
right time.

So here's lesson #1 I took from this reading: When we
have adversity in our lives, look to God to see how He is blessing our
lives instead of feel like he must be punishing us or is not mindful of
us. How many times in life have you seen someone lose a job, which
feels devastating, but that ending up being the road to a better job
that either pays better or they enjoy more, or it moves them to a new
location that ends up being just the right place for them? There are a
lot more examples of this. If you look for them in your life you will
see them.

Lesson #2 has to do with the dreams Joseph interpreted
for Pharaoh. The first was that seven healthy and fat kine (cattle)
were devoured by seven ill favored and lean-fleshed kine. In the
second, seven thin and wind blasted ears of corn devoured seven full
and good ears. Joseph interpreted this as seven years of plenty
followed by seven years of drought. So during the seven years of plenty
Egypt, under Joseph's direction, gathered and stored food. Then during
the seven years of want, those in Egypt had enough to eat and also had
enough to sell it to those in surrounding areas. So what lesson is
there for us in this?

Well, how different would the economy be if
during the recent time of plenty our country would have built more
savings and bought less fancy stuff? People borrowed from the future
and the future fell through on them. My religious leaders have given
the counsel throughout my entire life to spend less than we make and to
save for a rainy day. Unfortunately, most people have not heeded that
counsel and I believe the Lord finally said, "Enough!" The good news is
that God is a loving father who does not wish to punish his children
but he also can't save us from the consequences of our choices.

I'm not by any means saying that everyone who is suffering financially
deserves it. But this is an opportunity for us to learn to save more
and spend less. And the true test will be when the economy picks up and
is booming again. Will we still spend less and save more? Or will we
begin to borrow from the future again?

And I'll just touch on the
last lesson Joseph has to offer us. This one's more obvious and wasn't
new to me this week but it's important. Take a look at how quickly he
forgave his brothers when they came to Egypt to buy grain to keep their
family from starving. Let's all try to forgive a little more and be
less likely to harbor resentment.

I realized I had a lot to learn
from Joseph of old. I can look more for the blessings in my adversity
and see it as an opportunity for growth and change. I can save for a
rainy day instead of borrowing from an uncertain future. And I can
forgive more and resent less. God blessed and prospered Joseph and I'm
certain that he had a peace in his life and in his heart that few
experience. I believe that God will bless and prosper us and give us
more peace in our hearts as we follow his example.

©2009 Vauna Byrd

Byrd is a successful Life Coach, Business Mentor, Student of Personal
Development, Entrepreneur, and stay at home Mother with 7 children. To
find out what program has helped her reach her potential and achieve
emotional freedom, visit her website http://www.empower2attract.com
Be sure to subscribe to her daily motivational & inspirational
email message and/or submit an inspirational or success story to her
blog http://empower2attract.blogspot.com

Learning How to Pray

By Robert R Fenn

One day the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to
pray. Most of what I have learned and continue to learn is from his
teachings. I am so glad to share this with you.

Learning How to Pray

Stop using prayer for self promotion

you pray (especially in public), don't turn that into a Hollywood
production. Most corporate prayers turn into a regular show for others
people to praise you for a good performance. How many times we are
tempted to please those around us, especially when we pray in public.
If that is all you are expecting out of prayer, you certainly got it.
Focus on God when you pray

Pray in private

On the other
hand, when you pray in private (all alone by yourself and God) you do
not have an audience to perform. God is the only one present and he is
not that easily fooled by your actions or words! You just cannot
pretend before God to be some one else. It is always easier to pretend
to be someone else (a hypocrite) in front of others. When you are alone
with you will sense his presence and love. God sees you in all your
sinfulness and shame, yet he loves you and wants to hear from you, talk
to you, and help you. God can help only when you pray to your Father in
private in all sincerity and truth. God is interested in your prayer
and worship when you do it in spirit and truth. Try this and you will
begin to love God.

Don't use unnecessary words

religions use scripts and mantras to say repeatedly. They think that
when you repeat their words repeatedly God will hear them. Some of the
religions including Christianity use formulas, programs, and techniques
in prayer to get answers to prayer. Words do not get anywhere with God
unless the heart is in the right place before God. God knows even
before you utter a word what you need. So in short, what I am saying is
not to have a script for prayer. Do you go to your boss, father,
mother, or friend talk out of a script? Be natural but sincere and
honest with God in prayer.

Acknowledge that God exist and is Holy

Father is in heaven that is his throne; the earth is his footstool
where we are! Always remember that. He created everything and for him
all these things exist. You are a created being. We need to be aware
and say that He created us for his pleasure. We should be pleasing in
His sight.

We need to remember that God is awesome and fearful.
He is holy. Only through the blood of Jesus as cleansed and made holy
can we approach the throne of grace, yet with fear and trembling. Those
days, when we prayed we knelt down in holy reverence.

The body
posture did something to our inward attitude. When you sit casually,
you are causal. When you pray like that you may lose the sense of
reverence and fear for God. If you have nothing against kneeling or
even prostrating before God, all alone, no one watching, please try and
you will feel it. Remember we cannot fool God with kneeling when you
are heart is not right with him. Confess your sins to him.

Pray along with God' will

God created us, He had a purpose and will. When man disobeyed, did not
fulfill God's purpose. Jesus on the cross and resurrection made it
possible for us to now try to fulfill His purpose. Heaven does God's
will. Pray that the earth does just as well. Therefore we pray like
that the more we would be conscious that the earth still in imperfect
because of sin. However, it is not hopeless nor a lost cause, we still
have hope that God will be done ultimately. Let us pray to that end.

Acknowledge your total dependence on God

are grateful for jobs, work, business we have. Through which we provide
for our family. Yet, the real source of our provision is in the God we
worship. He gives us the strength and means to earn our way. He still
is and always will be our provider. Give us this day our daily bread,
echoes the thought that we should also not worry about tomorrow
especially in the global economic crisis of 2009.

Give us our
daily bread today, emphasis two facts, one daily and other today.
Forget tomorrow. The Israelites in the wilderness, has their manna
everyday from heaven, They are not to gather and store up for tomorrow.
If they did, it will be full of worms, except for the Sabbath day.

our relation ship to God we should depend and trust him, for our
everyday needs on a daily basis. Income from our work will come and go!
Faithfulness of our great God remains the same. Great is his

Pray for others and forgive them

We ought to
pray for others. When you pray for others, there is a blessing.
Forgiving others' sins is a proof of our love for our neighbor. We do
not understand the truth behind this teaching. We sometimes take it
lightly and keep harboring hatred, vengeance, and animosity towards our
brothers and sisters. People have talked ill of us of offended or
insulted us, or may have even hurt us in the past.

We ought to
forgive if God is to forgive our sins. There is no way around this
truth. IT is not easy in the beginning, but you will find it easier as
you grow in the grace of forgiveness.

Depend on God to help you in temptations

will be come. As long as Satan still around, he is powerless now that
our Lord has resurrected, and all power I given to him under heaven and

What is temptation and what is evil. Temptation is to
bring our attention to some thing that attracts us. Our eyes, body, and
pride are the focus. God never tempts us. Satan or our own flesh does.
If you yield to temptation, then it becomes sin. Temptation itself if
not sin, it is giving in that leads to sin. Therefore, we ought to pray
that God can move tempting situations away for us.

God is the
only one who has the power to deliver us from evil. Leading to
Temptation and delivering from evil are together. Deliverance from evil
is the strength to resist. God will grant us this on a daily basis when
we include that in our prayer life.

For God alone belongs KINGDOM, POWER and GLORY for ever

very reason we pray to God is that he is the source of all power and
glory and all Kingdoms belong to him. He will raise one bring down
another. There is power given to men that is not from God. He
rightfully deserves our worship with attributes of kingdom, power, and
glory. Let us praise him every day in our prayer life joining the
angels and elders in Heaven saying, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of
Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of thy Glory.

In His Everlasting Love

Robert Fenn

Robert Fenn is a pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years.

His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and
failures. He loves to share God's unfailing love, protection and
guidance to others throughout his life.
Knowing and Doing the Will of God
A practical look into finding God's will.
A practical look into finding how to learn to pray

Focus on God

By Terry Weber

When I get in my car to drive to the store, I
immediately focus my attention on what I'm doing...I'd better because
if I don't we both know what can happen!

When I get on my
high-speed catamaran sailboat or my even faster sailing iceboat, I just
naturally focus my attention on precisely what I'm doing and what's
going on around me because I want the voyage to include both top
quality enjoyment and personal survival.

When I used to fly a
Piper Cub or Cessna 150 light airplane or a hang-glider as a student
pilot, if I didn't focus my attention strictly on what I was doing and
what was going on around me, I was in serious trouble - to say the

What I needed in all of those activities was a clear
vision of what I was doing and what was going on in the world
immediately around me. I needed to see clearly and keep my attention
alert and centered.

As Christians, in these times of financial
struggle, recession, political upheaval and the other problems in the
world around us, we need to be aware of all of those situations.

But, even more important, we must constantly remind ourselves to avoid worry about them because we know God is in control.

we need to be wary and careful and prudent and keep a tight rein on our
emotions and, at the same time, be sure our faith is immovably -
focused on God.


Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and
inventor of several useful items. Terry and his wife Doris are Habitat
For Humanity, RV Care-A- Vanners who, for the past eight years have
volunteered to help build more than 39 houses all over the USA. They
travel to and from the 2-week long builds in their RV. The money they
make on their http://www.originalsbyweber.com website helps them pay their expenses to and from those volunteer Habitat builds.

Due to the high cost of gasoline and some recent health problems we can
no longer drive the RV to Habitat builds. The RV is parked until
gasoline prices come down and health improves.

The Lord is Our Commanding Officer

By Niti Charlton

Dear friends, I greet you with the love of Jesus and
thank you so much for choosing to read this article. I believe the Lord
actually asked me to pass on the revelation that He graciously provided
into 2 Tim 2: 3-4.

Let us observe what this scripture says:

with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No one
serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs; rather, they
try to please their commanding officer."

Paul then asks the
believers to reflect on the above statements, so that the Lord could
give them insight into it - truly amazing!! What is the insight that
Paul is talking about?

Imagine a scene from a regular training
camp of Royal Marine Commandos. The Royal Marines are amphibious
infantry who specialize in Arctic and mountain warfare but are capable
of fighting on any terrain.

To achieve battle fitness, the
recruits go through 15 weeks of close-quarter combat: "Punches,
strikes, kicks and locks; scale walls or clamber through sewers, 5am
runs, drill, monkey bars, relentless circuits of pull-ups, push-ups and
squats" followed by an "assault" course with a death slide, scaling a
6ft wall, and then rope challenges with names like "the chasm", the
four "commando tests", including the 30-miler -- an eight-hour
speed-march across Dartmoor carrying a 30lb pack -- totally 32 weeks of
blood, sweat and mud -- also known as training.

During this time, they learn some very important lessons:

showing them how the brain can beat the body. It's about controlling
their movement even when they are fatigued - and when they are out on
operations, that could make a life-or-death difference."

battle fitness means learning how to continue to run, climb and crawl
even when you've got an injury - blisters, scrapes, bruises, pulled
calf muscles, a ruptured bicep tendon and a dislocated finger - a
notion not encouraged by those who train sportsmen and women.

No motivation is required: follow instructions, or risk a "beasting" (a humiliating dressing-down).

By the time I'm crawling through the final waterlogged tunnels, my
hands are numb with cold. It's then that I realize - it's all about
telling yourself to just keep going.

"It's about self-belief," Terrill says. "I had a mindset that I couldn't deal with pain, but progressively they changed that."

But it is the emphasis on mental preparation that is most impressive - and vital in a war zone.

The attrition rate is as high as 50% on these trainings but those who go through the ordeal come out with some amazing feedback:

and fantastic, learnt an extraordinary sense of can-do, gained shape
and definition and a bigger engine, learnt how to be mentally tough,
was integrated into the four-part ethos of courage, determination,
unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity and best of
all, enjoyed ourselves!

As I dwelt on the cheerful spirit of
these recruits who were willing to wake up as early as 5am and go
through vigorous exercises for mental and physical training, I felt a
sense of relief!

I recounted how the Lord had put me through much
spiritual training to discipline me in godliness. I used to be
controlled by my temper rather than be able to control it. I had
trouble being kind to people I disliked. I could not digest it if
someone spoke ill of me...I had been so helpless to change all my bad
habits...I know better now, having experienced divine grace and been
altered altogether by my precious Lord.

How I owe all my peace to
Him, how glad my heart is in silent contemplation of His precious Word,
how cheerful my disposition to help even my enemies. The Lord
transforms you even when you are just waiting on Him...it happens so
miraculously -- you feel better each day as you enjoy His golden love
for you! This has been my experience and all this came so easily!!
There was no toil involved, the precious Holy Spirit brought about this
transformation while I was going about my life. It has been so much fun
being trained by the Lord!

As children of our GOD, we are so
lucky to be endowed with such a loving Master. He is so merciful and so
quick to forgive. He delights in us and calls us the Apple of His Eye!
What a splendid GOD we serve...to top it all, the rewards are so great
compared to the measly benefits of a combat force:

I have the joy
of being with Him forever, I can be satisfied and content all the rest
of the days of my life, I can sing His praises whenever I want to, I
can delight in His love and send Him my loving greetings for doing so
many things for me! I am so blessed and so are all of us who desire Him
and Him alone! He wants us to look to Him as our commanding officer who
knows that the commands He gives us will benefit us forever!

physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all
things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to
come." - 1 Tim 4:8

There have been times when I found the
commands a little hard to carry out and then I would receive power from
above so I could continue my worship uninterrupted. Those were the
times when I have been refreshed by a divine encounter or insight into
the mind of GOD. I have had the pleasure of a better ME at the end of
it! In short, the pain was just weakness leaving me... GOD's power was
being made perfect in my weakness.

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." - 2 Cor 4:17

always gives us the strength and the grace to pull through. At the end,
we shall be invited into the Kingdom where the joy never ends and all
is made perfect! Isn't that a target worth working towards? Yes! We are
going to walk into TOTAL victory with a great sense of exhilaration,
because the Lord, our commanding officer is faithful. Hurray!!!

you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord
Jesus Christ to be revealed. He will also keep you firm to the end, so
that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is
faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ
our Lord. - 1 Cor 1: 7-9

Thank you Holy Father for the many
blessings you have given us -- even when we are not worthy to receive
any of them. You expect so very little from us compared to the price
ordinary mortals are willing to pay -- even for trivial benefits. How
much more should we be thankful and bless your Name, for you are full
of mercy, truly compassionate, forgiving beyond measure, filled with
love -- we wish to revere you like you truly deserve to be
revered...you are our commanding officer, your words are all important
to us!

Your commands give us life, they train us to walk on
stormy seas, when the enemy attacks, you are there to protect us from
danger, your all encompassing love is all we need for the rest of our
lives...we thank you and lift up your Name for ever!! We bless you and
commit our lives to serving you with a determined heart and joyful
gladness. Hallelujah!

In Jesus Name. Amen.

All italicized text is taken from the web link Fighting-fit by Susie Rushton

7 Cures to Religious Intolerance

By James LeGrand

Many of us hold our spiritual and religious values
very deeply in our hearts. Yet, we often have difficulty expressing
them to those that may follow a different religious or spiritual path
than our own. As a country, we are a melting pot of cultures, religions
and beliefs. However, we continue to focus so much on our differences
that we lose sight of where our values are the same. Every major
religion in the world has the same set of core beliefs. Instead of
those, we focus on the names, dates and territorial issues we may never
agree on. The following are 7 areas of spiritual focus in your religion
that supersedes religious intolerance, if you allow them to.


God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Jehovah, Super Conscious; the
names of this great spiritual energy varies greatly. However, they all
point to the same incredible, loving, creative and guiding energy. It
is that spiritual source that we agree created all of us. Just as we
put a part of ourselves into anything that we create, there is a
spiritual center within all of us that connects us to one another and
our creator. We are all one.

We share the same values of honesty,
integrity, unconditional love, support of our neighbor, and respect for
one another. We also share the same goals in life; peace of mind,
happiness and prosperity for ourselves and loved ones, and the desire
to be loved by others the way that great spiritual energy loves us.
When we experience thoughts rooted in difference or separation,
remember that we are all created and a part of one spiritual being.


Prayer and meditation allow us to connect to that great spiritual
energy. Both allow us to give thanks, ask for assistance and blessings,
and to dwell in healing energy. One is no better than the other because
they are truly both the same. While they are expressed differently,
they bring you to the same state of connection. It's not about what's
right. It's about what's right for you.

Whether you stand, sit,
kneel, sing, chant, or beat a drum, connection to that great spiritual
source is the goal. Just as you would like others to respect your
method of connection, remember to respect the methods others choose.
Their method is as important to them as yours is to you. All should be
respected, especially in light of what they all accomplish.


Disagreement and acceptance are two very different things. It is
possible to not agree with a particular belief, AND to accept it as
valid for others if that's what they choose. The various religions all
teach a form of non-judgment. Yet, we all continue to engage in
judging. It's almost as if we believe that when we accept another
religion or spiritual practice as legitimate that it somehow diminishes
our own. Nothing can be further from the truth.

It takes a person
truly rooted in spirituality and their chosen faith to confidently
accept another faith as legitimate while disagreeing with it for their
life's purpose. If you find yourself unable to truthfully be accepting
and respectful of those that differ with you, then you are not yet
rooted enough in the practices and beliefs your own faith teaches. Go
back to connection. An infinite being has infinite pathways leading to
it. Understand that the only limits that exist are within our own
perception. Find strength through the beliefs and practices of your
faith, and then accept and respect the beliefs and practices of others.


It's important to free yourself from past hurts, outdated beliefs,
and unpleasant experiences in order to boldly move into your future.
Instead, most of us hold on to those things. The net effect is that we
project our past into our future and are surprised when we go through
the same types of experiences and relationships over and over again.
It's time to let go.

First, forgive others. Everyone is just like
you; they are doing the best they can with what they have. They can
justify every action they take or do not take, just as you can. They
have a perspective they trust that guides them, just as you do. When
you see things from that perspective, it's a little easier to let go of
what occurred. Next, forgive yourself. You did the best you could with
what you had. Today, you stand stronger from the lessons you learned
from your experiences and relationships. Hold on to the lessons and let
go of any shame or guilt you feel, as it only serves to hold you back.
Lastly, trust in your spiritual source. It has guided you to past
experiences for a reason that benefits and empowers you, and it will
guide you to new levels of understanding, relationships and experiences
in the future.


Every decision, experience and relationship you've ever had led you
to this point right here today. That's good news because it means that
you have the power to change the direction of your life anytime you are
ready to do so. Be thankful for that ability. Be thankful for who you
became and everything that's helped you to get here. Be thankful for
the choices you have yet to make.

Also, be thankful for the
differences that exist between people and faith-based systems. They've
served to provide you different perspectives that helped you to
understand your perspective even better. They've helped to expand and
shape your world-view. You've become broader and deeper because of
them. Be thankful for the differences. Appreciate and accept that they
exist. Respect them, while forming your own beliefs. Then, connect
through prayer or meditation and give thanks.


When we are truly connected to our spiritual source, we can sense
and feel universal unconditional love. While it exists everywhere, in
those moments of true connection, it can feel like it is all there for
just us. Just as you love your children unconditionally, you too are
loved unconditionally.

Secretly, we want everyone to love us the
way that great spiritual energy loves us. Yet, we aren't willing
ourselves to love others in this way. We get so caught up on the
differences that we lose our connection to that spiritual energy, and
thus, one another. When all you can see are the differences, you aren't
being loving. When all you can see is how you are the same, you can't
stop loving. Every religion teaches love as a constant practice. Get
back to your fundamentals. Don't just love those that believe as you
do. Love those that are completely different. Through spiritual energy,
you are just a different perspective of the same thing. It's time to
get back to love.

Open Mindedness

The more you learn about something, the less you fear it. Rather
than sticking to the learning materials of just your chosen faith,
explore the materials of one that you disagree with. You may quickly
find that the values system is very similar if not exactly the same.
What may differ are the social norms around names, dates and real

Keep an open mind. Don't be afraid to learn more. It will
help you to understand another's perspective a little better to find
the areas where you are the same. It is this mindset that also allows
you to delve deeper into your own spiritual practices. You may find new
levels of understanding and belief by being able to understand new
concepts and philosophies from others.

In summary, the fighting
and bickering that we do over our differences takes us further away
from the religion we think we are protecting. Use these 7 areas of
spiritual consistency as a bridge to other systems, people, and
philosophies. You don't have to agree. If you truly believe what you
say you believe though, then you do have to accept, appreciate and love
those with differences anyway. There is no room for religious

James LeGrand is an Author, Life Strategist, and the publisher of http://www.SpiritualIndividual.com,
a free weekly newsletter that presents solutions to life's issues
through the lens of self-help, wisdom, philosophy and spirituality. He
is the author of an Amazon.com best seller in Religion and Spirituality
titled Evolve,
and an Expert Author with Ezine Articles.com & SelfGrowth.com.
James LeGrand is also a Radio Personality, and a Sifu in Shaolin
Kungfu, which has been known for centuries as a pathway to spiritual

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Ten Commandments

Waiting on God

By Angela Mwema

When Abraham got the promise of being a father to
many nations, it did not happen immediately. This followed many years
of waiting. One day, his wife Sarah asked him to sleep with her maid
servant so as they could have children through her. Abraham agreed and
as a result Ishmael came to the world, son of Hagar. This followed a
lot of jealousy and sorrow in the family. Sarah and Hagar were always
fighting as the relationship had now changed. Genesis 16.

had already received the promise from God and thought that he could
help him in fulfilling it. He had waited on God for long and his
biological clock was also ticking away. Looking at things plainly, any
person would have applauded him for what he had done. It was even a
miracle he was able to sire a son for he was very advanced in age.

on God means that we do not look at circumstances around. Things around
us may say otherwise but if the almighty said he will do it, he will.
He is trustworthy and never goes against his word. All you need is a
little faith and patience. Helping God carry out the promises in our
lives makes us stay in the wilderness longer as the ideas we had
backfire on us. When we have tried all that we could and given up, we
go back to the drawing board and start all over again. We can save
ourselves a lot of pain if we learn to wait on God no matter what.

Mwema is a messenger to the world with the true and living word of God.
Please visit her site for more spiritual nourishment. http://angiepages.com/tag/faith-put-to-test/