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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Healing by faith today

Author: Mark Replogle

Jesus has shown us how you choose to be healed is just as good as another person’s chosen method. The Bible says so.

But you already knew this, right?

No?! Ok....here is what I mean. Mark 5:21-43 tells that one woman was miraculously healed because of her touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak. While another woman was raised from the dead by Jesus’ touching her hand and commanding her to get up.

The first woman chose how to be healed by Jesus and didn’t even ask Him. She took her healing and felt His power go through her body (verses 28, 29).

The second woman had her father ask Jesus to heal her of her sickness. Obviously this took place before the daughter died.

POINT: You can choose how you want God to heal you.

TAKE ACTION: I can’t heal you but I do know a person who is still alive and has experienced supernatural healing. Let me encourage you to read his e-book. Apply what he has learned to your own life situation.

After you get healed — please email me to share your testimony.

Go now to: http://www.kingofprayer.com/healing.php

1) Read his book

2) Apply his ideas and scripture in your life

Mr. Replogle is the author of numerous books and articles on faith, prayer,
and politics. He is a licensed Californi attorney specializing in
personal bankruptcy, and veterans benefits law.
He served 14 years in the United States Marine Corps. His last tour was
with the general's legal staff in Hawaii (Marine Forces Pacific, Staff
Judge Advocate).

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