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Saturday, April 25, 2009

God's Power in Us

By Angela Mwema

When we pass through trials and tribulations, most of
the times, we wonder if God is still with us. During this period, it is
very easy to get out of the will of God. When we have demonic attacks
in our lives, most of the times, we panic. We think about God or seek
him as the last option. Let me give you an example. You are a parent of
a one month old baby.

This is your first baby. In the middle of
the night, she develops a fever and has difficulty breathing. What do
you do? Do you pick up the Bible and start looking for verses that
declare that by the stripes of Jesus we are healed or do you pick up
the phone to dial 911 for an ambulance?

I know that most of us
would pick up the phone and much later start praying and declaring the
word of God in the situation. This is not how it ought to be. As
Christians we have God's power in us by the fact that Jesus Christ
lives in us. We have power over the devil. Why let him come and triumph
over your life. Why let him still your joy while with just one word you
can drive him away.

When you start trusting the word of God in
your life, you realize that situations and issues don't rule you but
you have power over them. Just have more faith and you will be
astonished at what you can do in the name of Jesus. As a Christian, you
have power over death. There is nothing that should put you down as
long as your walk with God is pure.

Mwema is a messenger to the world with the true and living word of God.
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