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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Get Closer to God by Realizing That You Are Deserving

By Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk

Sometimes our parents teach us that we are not
deserving. In the raising of children the word "No" is heard usually
far more often than the word "Yes." This may be a natural consequence
of raising a child and trying to teach the child what is right and what
is wrong. But over time the "Nos" add up to such a great discrepancy
against the "Yeses" that a child may develop low self-esteem. When one
has low self-esteem one does not feel deserving.

This is a
general non-deserving feeling. With the "Nos" echoing in our head
everything we turned our desire upon, the first thing that came to mind
consciously or unconsciously was a denial of that desire. This desire
or holding off or away came to feel like it was God holding us off or

And then some of us were in churches that told us that we
were unworthy of God's love. We were to gain God's love by believing a
certain way and or living a certain way. If we did not do this, we were
outside of God's love. Being outside of God's love we felt as if we
were un-deserving. Obviously, this did not engender a close feeling
with God.

You've got to come to realize that you are accepted by
God. And part of acceptance means that you are loved by God. And when
you are loved by God as a daughter or son, then all that God has is
yours as well. And if you are loved by God as a daughter or son you are
deserving. It cannot be any other way. You must decide to believe this.
This decision to believe is an action step that you can and must take.
You need to take back control of how you feel about yourself.

When you feel you are deserving, and you are, you will feel a closeness to God returning.

can you do to demonstrate to yourself and that you are deserving? This
is working from the inside out. When you truly feel you are deserving
on the inside, what would you do on the outside to demonstrate that to
yourself? Certainly you can treat yourself to a special food. But don't
overdo that and come to feel bad about yourself another way. How about
helping another person whom you know feels undeserving? Wouldn't that
be a way to reinforce and demonstrate to yourself how deserving you are?
How about volunteering some time at a place where needy folks gathered?
You are honoring other persons as deserving though they are down on
their luck - - and this shows honor to yourself. Think about what you
can do to honor the deservedness you find within yourself. Do it today.
Do it now.

Robert Henry Schwenk (Dr. Bob) is a retired clergy person who spent
more than 38 years in full time service. His has been a lifelong quest
to discover what makes individuals tick. He holds the Doctor of
Ministry degree (D.Min.) from United Theological Seminary in Dayton,
Ohio. His newest booklet "You Deserve To. . " is at https://www.createspace.com/3372045.
Most of us grow up feeling undeserving--as if nothing we truly desire
we have any right to. But we can break this habit and find ourselves
believing that we deserve every legitimate thing or person in our
lives. That we even deserve to be happy. You Deserve To . . . helps you
discover ways to change you life for the better in this instant and for
all your days.

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Deserving through the blood of Jesus Christ!