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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walk with God

By: Wavethe Hugh

Christians say that Jesus is the only way to God because Jesus Himself said He was the only way to God. It is Jesus' claim, not our invention. No religion other than Christianity teaches salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in the person and work of Christ alone.

Every person is separated from God by their sin and in need of forgiveness. Because God is just as well as loving, we cannot cross this gulf and have a relationship with Him
unless the penalty for our sin is paid--eternal death. If God did not judge our sin, He would no longer be just.

Fortunately, because of His love for us, God sent Jesus to die in our place to pay the death penalty we deserve for our sin. Jesus chose to do this because He loves us, and was the only one able to do this because He is fully God (He had to be infinite to pay the penalty for more than one person) and He is fully man (He had to be a sinless human to pay the penalty for a sinful human). We can receive forgiveness and eternal life only through Jesus because only He has taken away our sin and bridged the gulf between us and God. It took His death to pay the penalty for our sin.

Because of His love for us and His glory, God sent Jesus to die in the place of those who would come to believe in Him, thus paying the penalty for their sins. Jesus is the only source of salvation and forgiveness because only He has taken away sins and bridged the gulf between humans and God. It took His death to pay the penalty for our sins.

People must hear the gospel to be saved and God has a wonderful rescue mission of gathering His elect. We can be a big part of this rescue mission because He brings them to Himself through faith in the gospel, not apart from the gospel.

Let these truths motivate you to become involved in world missions. The world is perishing, and it needs to hear the gospel to be rescued. Go and tell them, or else get involved in supporting and praying for those who are going to tell them. We should either be a goer or a sender, but we should certainly not be indifferent.

Get focused on what God has placed in your heart, and reduce or eliminate distractions that comes to divert you away from your divine calling or destiny. Dr. Leonard Cheeseborough's books can assist you in your walk with God.

In Breaking Away From A Religious, Spirit Dr. Leonard Cheeseborough teaches you all about how religious spirits and how they can come into our lives and use people for satanic causes.

http://www.ridethewavesusa.com is designed to encourage the reader to totally depend on the Spirit of God when doing the work of an evangelist. The Ministry of Jesus Coloring Book is designed to introduce young Christian about Jesus' healing and deliverance Ministry from the book of Luke.

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