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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About Online Prayer Services

It has been said that even a simple prayer can end a war and love can be more than "just a feeling" because of prayers. We'll that's exactly why we adore the art of praying so much. Plus, the fact that it's free to feel and think and thus, a prayer is free as one only needs these two to be able to communicate intimately and ask for help from God makes the task sound more important than anything else. After praying, one miraculously feels relieved -- relieved that someone is actually guiding him and that he's not facing his personal struggles alone.

We all need to remember to count our blessings, and we can do so by praying regularly – well, that is, reciting inspirational prayers. But remember that your inspirational prayer doesn't necessarily need to be as poetic as the prayers from Gospels and Psalms are, so as it can be heard by God. It can be your personal musings about love and life. Even a simple two-word 'thank you' will do.

Another prayer that's definitely close to our hearts is the communion prayer. Christ is our passover -- He was offered, and we share in him as his unique spiritual body. The supper is a covenant meal in which we remember his atonement while eating of the sacrificial Lamb symbolically.

But this space isn't enough to define the very essence of praying. To understand prayers more, you may want to drop by Biblegateway.com. This site is probably the biggest online christian services site on the internet, as it not only serves as a home to 100 versions of the bible (in 50 languages, mind you), but it also has a blog that organizes weekly reading and praying plans. Currently, they have a Lent reading plan that covers all four Gospels in 40 days.

By: Enelra Myers


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