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Friday, February 20, 2009

How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

By Raymond Edeh

Spirituality is profitable in all things you do as a child of God. It means you cannot have the good and profitable things of life without being spiritually well. You are not permitted to lack any good thing if you are truly a child of God. Faith is the master key to a world of victory.

Until you miss the word with faith the word remains impotent - it can't produce the desired result. You need to present your case before God - you need to pray. Ask God to prove his word in your life. In addition, you have to face the situation and address it squarely. Speak to the issue. Why must you speak to the issue? God has heard you because you have prayed but the issue has not heard you. You need to pray to God but you also need to speak to the issue.

It is the seal of faith that ushers you into the spiritual realm of miracles, signs and wonders. It is the seal of faith that releases a destiny that has been tied down by the devil. The fight of faith is the only way you can recover all things that you have lost.

God, your father, has provided everything you need as a child of God but you need to fight for them in order to take delivery of them. This sounds like a paradox yet it is true. You need faith to stop the opposition and gain access to your possession. So, without faith you have no future. The fight of faith is the only guarantee to possessing your possession. You will not gain access to your assets in divine redemption if you don't engage the weapon of faith.

Every child of God is entitled to the inheritance of the Father but you, a child of God, need faith in order to lay hold on the inheritance. Faith is a living force drawn from the living word of God to produce living proofs. Faith is a spiritual force; it is not a psychological or philosophical force.

Faith comes from the word of God. So, you have to study the word so that when the enemy comes you will show him the word and he will not stand the authority of the word of God.

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