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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily Devotional

By Joey Papa

It is so important to remind ourselves daily of the truth of God. There is so much in this life that clouds our understanding and perception of God's love and kindness. Many Christians go throughout their daily life and never wrestle for the truth of God which produces freedom and spiritual understanding. Paul encourages believes to stir themselves up in the Spirit, to ask God for the spirit of wisdom and revelation and to make it our aim to know Him in the knowledge of His love. This is why it is so important to connect with a daily devotional.

When seeking out a daily devotional, look for something that will both encourage and challenge your faith. Just like you go to the gym to stretch your physical abilities and therefore increasing muscle tone and strength, in the same way your devotions need to challenge and stretch you. Don't just settle for a simple inspirational word, but find a devotional that will cause you to think, to contemplate and ultimately pray.

A daily devotional should be used as a spring board into your prayer and bible study, not a substitute. The only way to actually grow in the truth and spirit of God is to seek Him out of a place of hunger and thirst. Jesus said multiple times that those who continue to seek the Father, will find him; those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. It's in that place of secrecy and intimacy where our hearts connect with His and we are fulfilled.

If you're looking for a great daily devotional that will encourage, challenge and inspire your faith check out http://www.contemplativedialogue.blogspot.com This blog has a daily post that is intended to spur believers on in their pursuit of the Holy.

Joey Papa is a full-time freelance writer in Tampa, FL with a passion to encourage the body of Christ. Check out his daily devotional blog at http://www.contemplativedialogue.blogspot.com

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