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Friday, February 20, 2009

Communicating With God - Desperately Wanting to Hear God's Voice

By Robert Pedersen

There's something that we all tend to experience in our search for God - and that is a desperation to hear God's voice. I felt the same way for a while. When I finally gave up and stopped all religious activities I was still desperate to hear God's voice.

During that time a friend told me that communicating with God is not the same for everyone. Some people actually hear an audible voice and some it's more like thoughts coming into their mind. I wanted to hear the audible voice - and I think most people want that. However - that may not be the way that God communicates with you.

As it turns out that's not the way God communicates with me. Instead, I receive these inspirations - a flood of thoughts - it really is quite amazing - and I don't have to wonder if it's God because they're thoughts I've never had and couldn't conjure up if I wanted to!

This method is so amazing because you can get a lot in a short amount of time! A audible conversation would take so much longer!

The reason I'm telling you this is - God may communicate with you in a way that's different than you're wanting or expecting. Don't create limits with your expectations - difficult I know, but doable.

The other thing is that when we're desperately wanting something we somehow push it away. It's like asking without faith. Jesus said to ask believing - if you really believe you will receive the thing you ask for - you won't worry about it, doubt or wonder when it's going to show up. You will have this quiet confidence that it will be arriving shortly and rest in that faith.

We also convince ourselves that communicating with God is difficult and that we're going to have to do some special stuff to accomplish that.

Scripture teaches that we are created in God's image. What that now means to me after a lot of thoughtful meditation is this - You and I are individual manifestations of God. We are not all of God but we are an aspect of God. God Stuff if you will. Therefore we are actually one with God - which is what Jesus prayed we would be in John 17. The fulfillment of Jesus's prayer is each individuals realization of their own oneness with God. It's not some change that occurs at some point in time. It is what we are NOW - mostly we're just unaware of this fact.

This probably sounds a little far out especially if you are a fundamental type Christian. I'm just offering it to you and I'd ask you to sit quietly with these thoughts for a while and just meditate on them. Notice how you feel in your body. Notice the thoughts that come up. There could be a lot of stuff - just notice it and find out if it's coming from fear or faith.

If it's of fear you can safely discard it - There's nothing to fear. Jesus was very clear on that - "Fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" Yet fear is what most "Christianity" uses to keep us doing the stuff we're supposed to do.

What all this means is that it is impossible to be disconnected from God. We may be unaware of our connection - and it's easy to get there. But it's not that hard to get back either - once you realize who you really are.

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