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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christian Salvation: Understanding the 7 Basic Attributes

Author: Everest John Alexander

The intimate fellowship Christians can enjoy with God is only possible because of some very specific principles that are activated every time a person confesses faith in Jesus Christ.

These principles are called the attributes of salvation and they are:

1) Redemption - This is the literal re-purchase of a human soul from the devil, so that, instead of being under the dominion of Satan we're now under the dominion of God, paid for with the very blood of Jesus.

We were once owned by God through creation, became lost to Him through rebellion but now are re-owned by Him through redemption! We are adopted back into the family of God, ransomed with the blood of Jesus. "God was kind and decided that Christ would choose us to be God's own adopted children," Eph. 1:5. (CEV)


Redemption is the buying back of a human being from the control of the devil with the blood of Jesus, so that the entire person is now completely owned by God; spirit, soul and body!

2) Remission - Remission means forgiveness. Being now owned by God, He can literally do with you whatever He wants. And the first thing He does is to forgive you for all your sins, past, present and future.


Remission is the complete forgiveness of all a person's sins, those he committed in the past, his present sins and those that he will commit in the future. Complete forgiveness!

3) Justification - This is a further step in the same direction as remission. Where remission is the forgiveness of sins, justification is the actual removing of all the evidence of sin. So that the person accused of sin can now be legally declared not guilty! Why? Because there is no evidence! The evidence is gone!

That's what the blood of Jesus does; it takes away the evidence of sin. It's as if the person had never sinned... at all! They are justified from all accusation of sin and declared... innocent!


Justification is the declaration of complete innocence and re-instatement in good standing with a clear conscience of one who was formerly judged guilty, through the complete removal of all the evidence of sin with the blood of Jesus Christ!

4) Regeneration - This is the pivotal point in the process of salvation! It's where your nature is actually changed from Sinner to Saint. Unrighteous to Righteous! Profane to Holy!

A person's nature is synonymous with the condition of his spirit. Regeneration is the recreation of your spirit and the releasing of the life of God in you!

Regeneration is when your separated and corrupted spirit ceases to exist and in its place a new spirit is instantaneously re-created and re-connected to God! The Holy Spirit then takes up residence in your new spirit and continues to release the life of God in you. You're once more in the image and likeness of God! This is what being 'Born Again' means! It's awesome!


Regeneration is the instantaneous recreation of a human spirit in the image and likeness of God and the releasing of the life and Nature of God in that spirit.

5) Reconciliation - You are now re-purchased by God, forgiven, declared innocent and now possess a recreated, connected spirit stamped with the nature of God. Now, you can finally have peace with God! That's what reconciliation is... peace with God!

Reconciliation means restoring a broken relationship. It is the resolving and dissolving of enmity between those that were once closely related but found themselves in opposition. (Rom. 5:10)


Reconciliation is the complete tearing down and removal of everything that stood between you and God, so you are now reunited with your Father in complete peace!

6) Sanctification - Sanctification is the core principle of the salvation of the human soul or mind! Sanctification means consecrating yourself to God by pursuing and attaining a Christ-like character.

This is done through the application of the principles of God's word to your life! Every day, in every situation, you choose, as an act of your will and through the power of the Holy Spirit, to obey God rather than your flesh or the dictates of the world around you.


Sanctification is the process of consecrating oneself to God by developing a Christ-like character. This is done through consistent employment of the principles of God's word and submission to the will of the Holy Spirit in your life! It terminates in separation from the effects of sin and the empowerment over it's influences!

7) Glorification - When we allow Christ's nature within us to have dominion over our flesh, the holiness of His presence begins to manifest externally through a Godly radiance that is perceived rather than seen.

His Spirit within, glows with the glory of God and this spiritual light attracts others and exposes them to the character of Christ! "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven," Mt 5:16

Here, the process of glorification begins! It will escalate during the Rapture when God eliminates our tainted physical body and instantly recreates a brand new, perfectly sinless body.

Depending on our quality of service to God and our fellow men, we will radiate different levels of the glory of God in heaven! Some will shine like the sky, some like the stars and some like Sun in its intensity? This is Glorification!


Glorification is the process where the holy nature of God on the inside of a Born Again person manifests itself as a divine outward glow, so that while on earth others can perceive it but when in heaven they can literally see it.

These are the basic attributes of salvation.

Everest John Alexander is a Minister/Author/Entrepreneur in public ministry for over 17 years, Pastoring for 4 years. He's married to his best friend, Loraine and together they have two children, Andrew and Jade. His first book is called, "Understanding The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body". You can listen to his Voice Blog, read his Articles and download his free Ebooks at: http://www.Kingdomlearning.com

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