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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Vision in the Clouds

By Jennifer Lynn Jackson

The rolling clouds bring turmoil and fright that leads me back to once was a memory of long ago. Eagles soar in the sky as the wind breaths upon my face. The clouds sit on top of each other as the light shines through beneath the bottom. My hair brushes my lips as I tilt my head, facing the sun, which just disappeared. My sight becomes blurry with a burn from light, staring into the sky. How thoughts rushed through my mind as a child. The clouds were moving in a circular motion, slowly developing into, what appeared to be an infant, bending forward, and sucking its thumb.

Another shift of clouds moved into place with a mother giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Moving faster into a different formation, the sun began to appear and the rays show the beam of light that shadows the lady who is disappearing. I see a small hand reaching out, climbing, and trying to follow the lady. Behind this cloud forms another cloud that a much bigger hands, reaching for the glowing infant girl. It reaches farther, only to bring her close to his bosom. The lady will be gone for a little while, only to be reunited. Another formation appeared as angels with white array, singing their harkening song. While floating over the infant, being held with nail scarred hands, the formation fades away. I awaken with a smile forming upon my face and hear a voice in the place. My gift is only to use for a little while, so I can help others to love and smile. He will release a gift upon your life, to keep you from the pain and strife.

Jennifer Lynn Jackson

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