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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sin - Communicating With God - Obstacle Number One

By Robert Pedersen

One of the huge issues in communicating with God is sin. Sin basically destroys a person's relationship with God. The way back is long and hard and complicated it would seem.

Consider the first couple. They sinned and it changed their relationship with God. Where once they walked and talked with God - perfect communication with God - now they're afraid to face Him - can't stand in His presence. But let's look at that for a minute. Scripture tells that after they partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil the knew they were naked and they hid from God.

What happened there? They ate something that gave them the idea that nakedness was wrong and bad?

Naked was the way God made them. It wasn't bad before they ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. What made it bad and wrong after eating some fruit?

Their interpretation of their condition made it wrong. They were still as perfect as the day they were made - but their perception of their condition changed - they now judged their condition wrong. The knowledge of good and evil requires a judgment to be made on our part. It's perfectly arbitrary but it seems good to the one who is making the judgment. If you judge it right - so it is. If you judge it wrong - so it is.

Simple huh?

Problem is... it gets complicated fast.

When your condition is wrong or bad then you feel that God no longer wants anything to do with you. I mean how can he? After all he made you the way you are...... except now you're all screwed up - since you think you are.

You hide from God. God seeks you out. You confess. God still loves you. You feel you deserve some terrible punishment. God doesn't. You won't be convinced. God tries to do something to relieve your guilt but it's never enough.

It's never enough because you can't accept that it's enough. Your judgment gets in the way. Your beliefs about your deplorable condition prevent you from accepting what God is trying to show you over and over again.

You've fully bought in to the idea that you're a sinner - separated from God.

What to do?

There are many ideas - thousands of religions to help you - or confuse you. The answer is to re-establish communication with God. Only you can do that and it's really not as difficult as you might think!

Really you could think of communicating with God in terms of 3 steps:

1: Don't be afraid

2: Become still

3: Listen

There you have it!

Dropping fear is a huge step. Only you can know where you are regarding your fear of God. Becoming still involves just letting go of ideas and expectations about God. Listening may seem difficult at first. Once you release fear and become still, it will come with practice!

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