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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joseph And His Return To Glastonbury In Ad38

Researching world history rebuilds independent proof beyond any reasonable doubt about the existence of Joseph and his return to Glastonbury in AD38.

Ronald Rayner, the author of ‘The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon’ reveals that his research path through history co-joins the story in his previous book about the Jesus scroll - which tells us of the arrival of Jesus at Glastonbury in AD 14.

He states that this current book fits particularly snugly with the extensive and comprehensive research path and book written by the Reverend RW Morgan. The Reverend used different historic texts from around the world, confirming without a shadow of a doubt, the story of Joseph’s existence and his return to Glastonbury in AD 38.

This research is beautifully presented, printed from the Reverend’s original book.

According to his research, Joseph of Avalon - not long after his arrival in Cornwall, where he seeks refuge with his extended family after his expulsion from Judea by the mad Roman Emperor Nero - went on to build the very first Christian Church outside Jerusalem, at Glastonbury in AD 38.

We are privy to the Reverend’s fascinating research, which confirms that the church is visited by Disciples, centuries before any missionary or monk arrived from Rome, or elsewhere, on the shores of Britain.

Reverend RW Morgan writes ‘The constant current of European tradition affirmed Britain to have been the first country in Europe which received the Gospel and the British Church to be the most ancient of the Churches of Christ therein. The universality of this opinion is readily demonstrated.’

He cites Polydore Vergil in the reign of Henry VII and Cardinal Pole (AD 1555), both rigid Roman Catholics, as saying ‘that Britain was the first of all countries to receive the Christian faith.’

Historians have found numerous transcriptions which all point at the incontestable claim that Joseph of Avalon did indeed exist, returning to Glastonbury in AD 38 and that he subsequently brought Christianity to Britain:

‘The church of Avalon in Britain no other hands than those of the disciples of the Lord themselves built.’ Publius Discipulus.

‘If credit be given to ancient authors, this church of Glastonbury is the senior church of the world.’ Fuller.

‘It is certain that Britain received the faith in the first age from the first sowers of the Word. Of all the churches whose origin I have investigated in Britain, the church of Glastonbury is the most ancient.’ Sir Henry Spelman.

But, perhaps the most convincing quote of all comes from Bishop Godwin, provided to us by the Reverend: ‘The testimonies of Joseph of Arimathea’s coming here are so many, so clear and so pregnant as an indifferent man cannot but discern there is something in it.’

By: Ronald Rayner

Ronald Rayner's Fascinating Book 'The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon, The boy Jesus and the Crystal Skull' is available to buy in paperback now from www.JosephOfAvalon.com or from Amazon.

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