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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to Have All of Your Prayers Answered

By Charles Butler III

Have you ever felt like one (or many) of your prayers have gone unanswered? If so, you are not alone. At every moment on Earth, millions of people pray to God seeking assistance to their problems, and out of that group there are many of those who feel that their prayers fall on "deaf ears". However, this is incorrect because no prayer goes unanswered.

In order to understand that, you first have to understand that every thought, statement and feeling that you have are tools of creation given to us to shape our lives. A prayer is an emotionally strong statement of what is so. When you use prayer to communicate with God, the strongest thought, word, or feeling that you have as you pray becomes operative and is the one that is heard.

The secret to prayer is that the thought behind the thought is the thought that is heard and manifested. Was that confusing? Let me explain.

If you pray about things that you do not have, chances are that you will not experience that which you ask for. This is because the thought behind the prayer is that you do not have what you are asking for, and it is that thought that becomes your reality. To remedy that, the only thought that should be behind prayer is that God will grant whatever is asked without fail. To accomplish this, you need to have faith that whatever you choose, choosing it in God's name, so shall it be. Instead of making requests in prayer, know that the request itself is not necessary. A prayer is not a request but a statement of gratitude of what is so.

Remember: God gave us free will - Your will for you is God's will for you. If you pray about wanting something it will produce wanting in your reality. When you thank God in advance for what you choose to experience in reality, acknowledge that it is there, in effect. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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