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Sunday, January 4, 2009

God's Perfect Design For Christian Men and Women in Church Based on Bible Authority

By Bill Naugle

The book of First Timothy in the Bible is about God's established Authority here on earth. God has a perfect design for church order and government that will produce the most powerful results of the gospel being preached by Men since the days of Jesus walking here on earth. Signs and wonders with miracles following the preaching of the Word of the Living God should be commonplace in the church. When God's government is displayed in the church we will see true authority over darkness, disease and storms.

The church and many believers stand on scriptures for their healing and live by them everyday. They also stand on scriptures that talk about prosperity and financial wealth and see results in their lives. Praise God for this! The church needs to stand on the scriptures that show us how to have a Godly government with the kind of church order that will produce power and authority on the level of Jesus. God is not interested in a democracy He wants a Kingdom here on earth. We need to be thinking in terms of a Kingly rule here on earth not a democracy. God wants Men to walk as kings under Jesus displaying His power and authority through them.

The right kind of Government will produce this. Jesus sent His disciples (Men) out in twos. Jesus gave authority to men. We do not have the right to pick and choose what scriptures we are going to believe and live by. God wants us to live by All of the Word of God. If you cannot embrace the scriptures on church order then throw the whole bible out and follow the devil. God wrote the whole bible and expects His people to live by all of His Word.

God does not give you permission to live anyway you want. Jesus died for you and poured out His blood and you are bought with that blood and because of your gratitude towards God with appreciation of your salvation out of a loving heart for Jesus you gladly live by all of His Words. This is a true Christian. I believe that this book will help you understand the truth about the men and women's role in the church, home and the workplace if you approach in a new light.

First Timothy 2:11-14 is the foundational passage for understanding the men and women's role not because I say but because God says that it is. This passage reverts back to the beginning to the book of Genesis to our original creation and the way God meant it to be until Christ comes back. If you have studied beginnings in the Bible you will know that they are foundational doctrines in which we establish true doctrine and the way in which we are to live.

When you understand this passage in First Timothy you will be able to understand all passages dealing with the men and women's role in the entire Bible and see how they come together with no contradictions. The way God designed our roles in the book of Genesis is made more clear in the book of First Timothy, that is why we have this information today so we can better live according to the truth. Women never have authority over men in any area of life and men rule with authority over all of the earth. When you understand this truth then all other scriptures make sense. God Bless!

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