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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let Us Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

By Wilfred Tunyira

Dear, I don't know how you look at things lately, but the truth is nude before our very eyes; the truth is that the coming of our king is at hand, so let us prepare ourselves as the bride prepares for the groom.

These words had been given to the apostles to be handed down to us but we haven't paid much attention to it; let us take out the little old dough left in us so we can effect our walk with Christ Jesus our Lord, our soon coming king.

You remember Christ Jesus our Lord told us: old wine must not be poured into old wineskins for that will burst the whole jar causing making a waste; but rather, new wine must be poured into new wineskins. So therefore dear, as Our Father so delight to pour out his greatness into us; let us rid our lives of all unrighteousness. Let us purify our very lives in the blood of the lamb.

We have lived in times and times past of sins and of one form of sin or another, let us offer ourselves completely to the blood of the lamb so we can take a whole bath to cleanse us completely.

O how it grieves my heart the most that we sometimes think of ourselves too pure and holy, refusing the blood bath. But this is what our Lord tells us: "you will not be cleansed if you didn't see yourself as one that needs it."

But our dear Father is now looking round and round for those that will yield completely to his Spirit so as to complete his work of salvation. We don't need to hinder him from completing his plan of salvation because we will fail him if we do.

Look back, really deep into your life: does everything of you please Our Father? Remember our strength and joy lies in doing the will of Our Father for that was the way we were taught unto salvation by Christ Jesus Our Lord.

The enemy is at work in the very small areas of our lives that harbors evil; and it will surprise us one day that he will work out in these very small areas of our lives into even destroying our salvation in Christ. Let us yield therefore into everything of him.

Remember to trust in the Lord at all times as we have been instructed, not on our own understanding and might.

Do you realize the truth that for us Christians all that we toil for not in the Lord will not stand the test of time? But if we learn to depend on him at all times, then will our various needs be supplied by him for the advancement of the kingdom.

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