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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Choosing Bibles For Kids - Some Practical Advice

By Hwang Keum-Ok

I have always believed that if you make Bibles available to children, they will come to love reading the Word. Of course, you don't want to start out giving a King James Version to a child - that would be too difficult to understand. Choosing a Bible for your child is very important and not to be taken lightly.

Start when your child is very, very young and get a board book that has a number of Bible stories, brightly colored and with appealing drawings. My daughter still thinks of Jesus as "Purple Jesus" because of her earliest Bible, which featured our Lord in a purple robe! Start simple, keep the stories short and read them over and over. Augment the Bible stories with songs from Scripture.

Bibles for kids can gradually work up to the level of reading and at that point, you might want to consider one of the easier translations, such as English Standard Version, or even The Message. Children like things to be simple and straightforward, not high-flown and complex, such as a KJV Bible.

Try to look for Bibles for kids that have articles pertaining to their particular areas of interest, or to social issues that face even young children today. While I don't wish to appear sexist, it is nonetheless true that a boy is not interested in clothes as much as a girl would be - so maybe a Bible with articles written by Christian athletes would be a good choice for a boy. Perhaps a Bible that deals with emerging issues of womanhood and dating would appeal to a young girl.

Another aspect of Bibles for kids is cost. Try not to buy a very expensive, leather bound Bible for a child; it can be intimidating in that they will be afraid to handle it for fear of getting it damaged. Look for a Bible with a "cool" looking cover, in a translation that is easy to understand.

You want your teen to fall in love with the Lord. You want them to hunger and thirst for a deeper walk with God. Do everything within your power to facilitate that! If it means going to a Christian rock concert with your teen, DO IT. If it means buying music for them that you might not enjoy - BUY IT. Make Christianity readily accessible and desirable to your teen. It is an eternal investment!

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