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Monday, December 29, 2008

how great thou art

hear one king singing about HOW GREAT THE KING IS..

Christians Want to Inspire Us All

By Xander Owens

Christians have made it a point to ensure that their religion reaches out to others in recent years. To make sure that they reach all people who love their God, they have gone above and beyond simply doing local service. They are using both traditional and non traditional methods to spread the word of God.

Christians have made a number of Christian books available for those who may be interested. Several genres of Christian books exist that will appeal to adults as well as children. Many of these books are available online as well as in local bookstores. A larger selection will most likely be found in online bookstores. The main goal of Christian literature is to share their inspiration for Christ with others and help spread the word of God.

Christians devote their lives to God. They hope to help you children lead well balanced lives. Many Christians wish to educate their children using educational books and software that refer to their beliefs. This is why many Christian families choose to home school their children.

The Christian church will accept anyone who is has an open heart for their God. They have made is a priority to make everyone feel welcome. And in times of need or crisis support everyone regardless of religion, creating a broader sense of community.

The Christian church has been at the front of the effort to bring church to the masses through the use of television. This has transformed the lives of many who wanted to go to church but were unable to.

Christian music is meant to be an inspiration and offers guidance to its listeners. The genre has had its share of popular songs, and has given a chance for great expression to anyone who loves music. On the radio, in the home, and in church, Christian music is used to praise God, and share this praise with any willing listeners. The music is styled much like popular secular music to appeal to a wide audience.

Christians have been making progress lately in spreading the word of god to others. They have made "Christian church" accepting of anyone that is willing to open their hearts to their God. They go out of their way to make people feel welcome. In times of need they support their community regardless of the religion of those whom they are helping. The beauty of "Christian music" is it is there to inspire all of us, to guide us in the right direction. Many Christian singers have had very popular songs in the past. The music gives everyone a chance to be expressive through song.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Choosing Bibles For Kids - Some Practical Advice

By Hwang Keum-Ok

I have always believed that if you make Bibles available to children, they will come to love reading the Word. Of course, you don't want to start out giving a King James Version to a child - that would be too difficult to understand. Choosing a Bible for your child is very important and not to be taken lightly.

Start when your child is very, very young and get a board book that has a number of Bible stories, brightly colored and with appealing drawings. My daughter still thinks of Jesus as "Purple Jesus" because of her earliest Bible, which featured our Lord in a purple robe! Start simple, keep the stories short and read them over and over. Augment the Bible stories with songs from Scripture.

Bibles for kids can gradually work up to the level of reading and at that point, you might want to consider one of the easier translations, such as English Standard Version, or even The Message. Children like things to be simple and straightforward, not high-flown and complex, such as a KJV Bible.

Try to look for Bibles for kids that have articles pertaining to their particular areas of interest, or to social issues that face even young children today. While I don't wish to appear sexist, it is nonetheless true that a boy is not interested in clothes as much as a girl would be - so maybe a Bible with articles written by Christian athletes would be a good choice for a boy. Perhaps a Bible that deals with emerging issues of womanhood and dating would appeal to a young girl.

Another aspect of Bibles for kids is cost. Try not to buy a very expensive, leather bound Bible for a child; it can be intimidating in that they will be afraid to handle it for fear of getting it damaged. Look for a Bible with a "cool" looking cover, in a translation that is easy to understand.

You want your teen to fall in love with the Lord. You want them to hunger and thirst for a deeper walk with God. Do everything within your power to facilitate that! If it means going to a Christian rock concert with your teen, DO IT. If it means buying music for them that you might not enjoy - BUY IT. Make Christianity readily accessible and desirable to your teen. It is an eternal investment!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes, Catholics Do Read the Bible!

By Hwang Keum-Ok

My family is a cross-section of religious denominations. Some of us are Catholic (my parents and my oldest sister), some of us are nondenominational (my only surviving brother), some of us are Lutheran (my youngest sister) and then there is me - a Nazarene. We were all raised in the Catholic Church, and there are things about it that I still enjoy.

When I was a child, it seemed to me (perhaps my mistake) that the Church we attended was not big on encouraging Catholics to read the Bible, and I didn't realize until I was much older that there actually were Catholic Bibles. The most popular of these is the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, with the seven books not found in Protestant Bibles (among these, 1 and 2 Maccabees).

There is a new openness to the Scriptures among Catholics today, and I am thrilled about this. In the early days of Catholicism, of course, most of the people were illiterate, so it fell to the priests to disseminate the Word to the populace. This led to some interesting times(which I will not go into here), but one of the effects was a general perception that it was up to the priest to know the Word, not the people, and I am delighted to see that this has undergone a sea change!

Catholic Bibles are now available in several different translations and all are a joy to read. My oldest sister, who actually spent eight years in the convent, is an avid Bible student and reads her Catholic Bible daily.

There are several versions of Catholic Bibles, in addition to the Douay-Rheims; the New American Bible is quite good, as is the New Jerusalem Bible, and the New Living Translation. You can also find a Catholic version of the Bible printed in many different world languages, most notably Spanish, as there is a large segment of the Spanish-speaking population that is Catholic.

It is encouraging to see that the Catholic Church encourages Catholics of all ages to study their Bibles and develop a deeper understanding of God's Holy Word. After all, one of the most important Sacraments is Confirmation and before a child can go through this, they must know their Scripture.

It is a blessing to know that, doctrinal differences aside, more unites Catholics and Protestants than divides us. After all, we are all believers in the one God, Master of the Universe, the Alpha and the Omega, praise His Name!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let Us Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

By Wilfred Tunyira

Dear, I don't know how you look at things lately, but the truth is nude before our very eyes; the truth is that the coming of our king is at hand, so let us prepare ourselves as the bride prepares for the groom.

These words had been given to the apostles to be handed down to us but we haven't paid much attention to it; let us take out the little old dough left in us so we can effect our walk with Christ Jesus our Lord, our soon coming king.

You remember Christ Jesus our Lord told us: old wine must not be poured into old wineskins for that will burst the whole jar causing making a waste; but rather, new wine must be poured into new wineskins. So therefore dear, as Our Father so delight to pour out his greatness into us; let us rid our lives of all unrighteousness. Let us purify our very lives in the blood of the lamb.

We have lived in times and times past of sins and of one form of sin or another, let us offer ourselves completely to the blood of the lamb so we can take a whole bath to cleanse us completely.

O how it grieves my heart the most that we sometimes think of ourselves too pure and holy, refusing the blood bath. But this is what our Lord tells us: "you will not be cleansed if you didn't see yourself as one that needs it."

But our dear Father is now looking round and round for those that will yield completely to his Spirit so as to complete his work of salvation. We don't need to hinder him from completing his plan of salvation because we will fail him if we do.

Look back, really deep into your life: does everything of you please Our Father? Remember our strength and joy lies in doing the will of Our Father for that was the way we were taught unto salvation by Christ Jesus Our Lord.

The enemy is at work in the very small areas of our lives that harbors evil; and it will surprise us one day that he will work out in these very small areas of our lives into even destroying our salvation in Christ. Let us yield therefore into everything of him.

Remember to trust in the Lord at all times as we have been instructed, not on our own understanding and might.

Do you realize the truth that for us Christians all that we toil for not in the Lord will not stand the test of time? But if we learn to depend on him at all times, then will our various needs be supplied by him for the advancement of the kingdom.

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