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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is God Listening?

By Annette Soper

Is it selfish to ask God to do something for you? Doesn't He already know what you need? If so, then why do you have to ask? Does God really hear you? Why would He care? Is God really listening?

Many people struggle with these questions and maybe you do too.

When we have something on our heart, or if we are undecided about which direction to take, we talk the problem over with someone we trust and respect. We use them as a sounding board to help us sort out the issues. And in response, they may or may not give us immediate help. But it helps us to talk about it.

If we need think of God as our best Friend then we will feel that we can tell Him anything with the assurance that He has our best interests in mind and that He will not gossip about our conversation. He understands us better than we understand ourselves and He knows our real motives. It is impossible to hide anything from Him, so He is best able to help us. He has all the facts.

If we are asking God for "things" just because we "want" them, then we may say selfishness is a factor. But if we ask in the context of wanting only what God knows to be best for us, then we are not demanding that God give us our desires, but that He will provide what we need.

God does not have to say Yes and many times He does not. He may say No or Not Right Now. His timing and ours may not be the same at all and we need to understand that in the larger scheme of life, God really does know best. What we think cannot wait God may say that there is a better time later on.

So the key to getting answers to prayer is the assurance that God is concerned about us and that He wants to give us all good things. By understanding that we do not always know what is good for us. And that just because we do not get the answer that we are asking for, does not mean that God has not answered. He always hears and answers. We are the deaf ones in that we do not accept the answer that He has given.

He loves us and always does what is best for us in His eyes.

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Annette Soper is a published author.

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