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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hungry For Some Spirituality at Work - 15 Ways to Share Your Faith Without Offending Anyone

By Paul Godines

The old saying goes like this - don't talk about Religion or Politics at work. But thousands of people are Hungry For Some Spirituality In The Workplace.

What about you?

But what if you're in a company that clearly states that they do not tolerate religion in the workplace?

Many thousands of people face this very situation every day; they cannot practice their faith in the workplace. They cannot pray at lunch, they cannot share their faith with others and they cannot put up religious icons anywhere on company property.

So what can you do?

Simple, realize what you are able to do, start by flipping your perspective. And you can definitely do it with out offending anyone.

There may only be 3 rules in the entire company, posted in their handbook or in their other bulletin board postings forbidding religion in the workplace. While on the other hand there are literally thousands of little things you can do to share your faith with others in the workplace without offending others.

Here is a list of 15 things you can do;

1. Email to friends and fellow workers after work with a Christian signature.

2. Phone calls after work just to say hello and invite them to church.

3. Post cards to your employer on holidays especially religious ones.

4. Do something nice for someone else and say it's because you're blessed.

5. Get a gift for anyone and say that you want to share your blessings.

6. Forgive someone who has crossed you and let them know that you are sharing your grace with them.

7. Where a T-shirt that has a statement of your belief on it.

8. Encourage moments of silence for times of sollice.

9. Post the National Anthem - it references God!

10. Post stickers on your Vehicle referencing God!

11. Have before or After Work Prayer Meetings with fellow employees.

12. Share inspiring reviews of Movies you've seen like 'Fireproof' in you water cooler conversations.

13. Invite your fellow workers to your Churches non religious public events.

14. If allowed, sell candy to raise money for your kids Church Group.

15. Volunteer your time and money at every turn to help anyone in need, be their advocate.

16. Car pool and have a religious icon inside your vehicle.

There are literally hundreds of other ways you can share your faith with others without offending them in the workplace. If at anytime someone comments on your faith being brought into the workplace, never DEFEND yourself.

No one will knock the statement, because its not self serving, that you feel blessed and that you feel obligated to be the best person you can be.

Paul Godines from Adapt on a Dime Career Coaching asks, Career Goals - Got Some? Visit us at http://www.adaptonadime.com

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