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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have We Stopped Looking For Miracles?

By Herman Wheeler

Something good recently came into my life and I felt that it was proof that the Laws of Attraction work. Then I thought of my mother's favorite statement; she would always say:

Live right and be kind to others and it will always come back to you!

I told my niece what had happen to me and her reply was that "the lord works in mysterious ways". I am always careful not to get i nto religious discussion with people, so I simply agreed with her. But, what I was really thinking was who should get the credit when something good comes into a person's life? My understanding of a miracle is that it is an extraordinary event that many people believe is caused by divine intervention into human affairs. Because miracles were believed to be divine intervention, it was once common for people to pray and solicit (their definition of the divine) to make a miracle happen. If the solicitation materialized, they would give the credit to their "God".

Somewhere in our historical evolution we did stop looking for miracles. I do not believe that humanity became any less religious, but as reports of miracles became almost non-existent people simply stopped expecting them to happen. It is similar to the old idea about talking to God. At one time people did not think it unusual for people to state that God had spoken to them. Like miracles, talking to God is no longer considered feasible. Perhaps, our fast paced modern lifestyles have left us with no room for such ideas. But, thankfully, people have really begun to study and to get a clearer understanding of what spirituality is.

Because of the rise in spirituality I believe the answer the question "Have We Stopped Looking For Miracles?" is no! What we have stopped doing is expecting miracles resulting from some type of divine intervention. The study in spirituality has given us the understanding that we are co-creators with the divine. We can manifest our own miracles. Using the laws of attraction along with the art of goal setting, we can see the magic of miracles manifest into our daily lives.

As spiritual beings, our goal should be to master the human mind, which will free us to transform through the processes of love, forgiveness and spiritual connection that creates exceptional growth. In our attempts to humanize the divine, we often forget the divine's omnipresence. Since the divine is in us, the miracle too must be in us. It is us who are the force and the power. The better we understand this, the greater our ability to step into a whole new way of living, creating and experiencing life. We all have the ability to manifest a miracle and the tools we need to accomplish this are readily available.

Herman Wheeler

Herman was educated in the field of psychology and has had a long time interest in things of a spiritual nature. Recent studies have focused on abundance through spirituality. You can learn more about a Proven Miracle-Manifestation System by clicking the link below: http://www.spiritualmoneymaker.com/

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