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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Wants You To Prosper

For over 35 years I have taught that Christians should be prosperous, yes, God wants us to prosper and be in health. I know some groups don't like this message and other groups abuse it. The groups that don't believe it stay in their poverty mindset because they think that is what they are supposed to do. And the groups that abuse it make God sound like an ATM machine. Both of them really bother me!

I don't get mad at the people because I know they being taught these mindsets and think that anything to the contrary goes against God's will. So, I get upset with those in positions of authority who have taught these lies. Yes, I know, I've heard all the "scriptural arguments" on the evils of prosperity and the other side about promises of God being our "Sugar Daddy" and they all make sense when you listen to those pushing their agenda. But when you look at all of the scriptures as a whole the story takes on a different view.

Part of the poverty mindset goes back to a time when the landowners and the Church were together in power and it was convenient for the masses to stay poor and were told to focus on rewards in the here-after. This meant the rich landowners could stay rich and not be bothered. My question has always been if it was so good for the masses why wasn't it good for the leaders to live in poverty and wait for their rewards in heaven as well? But they were too busy enjoying the benefits of wealth and power.

But it does no good to worry about what others are doing so I decided to teach that God has a different plan. God wants you to prosper, that is my message and if people really want to hear that message, they will set aside all their preconceived ideas and ideologies and look at the facts.

It can get sticky at times talking to people who have made up their minds that coins and bills are evil. And of course I am aware of corruption, greed and abuse and how bad it can get. But there is a way to avoid all that and do it the right way.

I've just gotten so sick and tired of good people who love God and want to live wonderful lives being beaten down and defeated because they have the wrong information and the wrong mindset.

If you have these views, make a change today by at least entertaining the possibility that God wants you to prosper and live abundantly. That at least gives us a starting point.

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By: Duke Clarke

Duke Clarke is a writer/coach/teacher helping individuals for 35 years reach their full potential in every area of life. To find out more go to www.GodWantsYoutoProsperFamily.com

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