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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Discover the Power of the Ten Commandments

By Happy Riches

What are known as the Ten Commandments are remarkable for two reasons. The first reason is they appear to have been an advanced system of thought. The second is they are remarkably simple. Yet they are often dismissed because they are found in the Bible and are considered Old Testament.

These Ten Commandments are often distorted and wrongly applied, yet there is a simple balance within them in that the first five have a reference to God and the last five do not mention the word "God" at all.

There just may be more to this than meets the eye, because you have two hands with ten fingers and the Bible talks about the finger of God having written these commandments. Maybe this is to suggest that the finger of God would be pointing at you to give an account of yourself regarding the commandments that you keep breaking.

What surprises me more than anything is the fact people talk about the Ten Commandments and I have not met one person who can tell me what they are. I have actually surveyed hundreds of people and not one knew the all of the ten. Some got six or seven, but even then those people were struggling. Although just recently, I met a woman who claimed she knew the Ten Commandments. However, they were an abbreviated version which she had learnt by rote using a memory technique. But she really didn't understand them.

When you think so many people seem to know about the Ten Commandments but do not actually know them and their significance, it is a farce for many people to call themselves Christians. Really you would think every Christian would understand what the Ten Commandments meant. Many Christians will tell you that they are no longer relevant because the Old Testament laws have been done away with.

Does this now mean that God permits people to kill other people? How about stealing being acceptable to God? Adultery has to be acceptable to God, because it just so common these days. Since there are so many Christians committing it, maybe it is called loving one another.

Now this loving one another caper is supposed to be what Jesus said we are to do, so because the Old Testament has been done away, is it alright for Christians to bear false witness and take God's name in vain? Many seem to think a little bit of lust is alright because this is seen as a natural expression of humanity.

It appears Christians believe that you can have as many gods as you like, and covet whatever you desire. Hollywood has been able to dominate the thinking of the world by working this principle of idol-worship, and the advertisers make a fortune feeding people's desire to be looking young and beautiful and hot to trot.

Children are preyed upon as another means of exploiting the gullible. Products are marketed to them so they will annoy their parents into giving into the demands of their offspring. But just in case they are punished for being disrespectful and disobedient, the governments have passed sufficient laws so children can be protected from punishment for any crime and be able to stick it up their parents if they feel like it.

As for the idea of having a day off once a week to worship God, well that concept is no longer viable because there is more action going down at the sports stadium or the football field or ball park. And it is rather inconvenient when shops are shut one day a week, so it is better to have shopping 24/7.

But the one thing that does stand out about the Ten Commandments is all the social ideas that have been designed to replace them have proven inferior, because stealing, murder, bearing false witness, divorce and dishonoring of parents and authority is on the increase, yet, according to the Bible if anyone can keep the Ten Commandments without transgressing one, they will have the power over death.

Now I am waiting for a scientist to take up the challenge and raise a child who will never transgress any of the Ten Commandments and see if the child lives for ever, for that will be a scientific breakthrough, if ever there was one.

Since such a scientific breakthough is unlikely, I will have to accept that Jesus Christ never transgressed any of the commandments, because when he was killed, he rose from the dead.

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