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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Answers From God - Simple Miracles That Make You Wonder

By Cyndi Krupp

One of my passions is asking questions, and then waiting for the Answers from God. I have noticed that so many people wait for the "big problems" before they think to ask for help. I think that is a mistake. My experience has proven to me that the Divine is always available when we ask, and then open. I have also learned that when we make it a habit to ask, and keep asking, then we open up a space that really allows the Divine to flow in and out of our life, in often simple, but miraculous ways.

Recently my daughter was in need of a band aid. We had nothing appropriate available and it was pretty critical that we find something fast. This may seem like a small thing, and I suppose it was. But there was a lot of "drama" surrounding the occasion, as there often is when sharing a home with a preteen girl. I found that I was beginning to be drawn into the drama and the situation was slowly slipping away.

But then I stepped back and opened up and asked. I became very calm and sort of disconnected from what was going on around me. I then found myself telling my daughter I would be right back, at which time I went up the stairs and into the storage area. I then found myself opening up a side pocket of a suitcase that hadn't been used in 6 months, at which time I pulled out one lone band aid.

Perfect for the job.

It wasn't until later, when everything had calmed down and I had time alone that I realized the significance of the event. I will never know if some part of my subconscious mind remembered seeing that band aid there and allowed it to come to the surface, or if it was something else.

Truthfully it doesn't matter to me which. What does matter is that I asked, and I was answered.

And peace was restored to my home.

Thank You God.

The Answers from God, they always serve our highest and our best.

Rev Cyndi Krupp

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