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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Spiritual Benifits of Fasting

By Mike Mullen

A long time ago, I offered to take a friend of mine out to lunch and he turned down my offer. I asked him if he had other plans or maybe he wasn't feeling well but he just kept saying no. I was a little upset about it because I thought he was blowing me off.
A few days later he called me back and apologized. He said, "Mike, I wasn't trying to blow you off the other day, I was fasting."
I replied, "FASTING??? What the heck are you fasting for? And why didn't you tell me then?"

He began to explain that he did it once a week in order to strengthen his spirit...
I thought he was nuts.

Back then I had just gotten to know the Lord and didn't really have any guidance. As the years have passed I have learned a lot about this.

What many people don't know is that there is a spiritual order to your existence. The proper order of your spiritual house is Spirit, Soul, Body. The improper order is Body, Soul, Spirit.
The improper order is what most of us walk around the planet in. We are out of line so to speak.

When we are not in the divine order, we can not communicate with God our creator. We have been like this since the time of Adam and Eve's fall in the Garden of Eden.

The reason we can not communicate with Him is because our spirit has been put last and made weak. God does not talk to your body. He talks to your Spirit and your Soul tell the Body what to do.

So the fastest way to fix this is by fasting. Every time you fast, you humble the body and strengthen the spirit. Essentially, you are letting your body know that it does not have control of the mind.

You can do this once a week, once a month. You can do it anytime you feel that you are backsliding.
Just keep that spiritual order in mind.
Spirit, Soul, Body - - Fast and be blessed!

Michael E. Mullen http://www.rapture.zoxic.com

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