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Friday, October 3, 2008

Prophecy - Supernatural Evidence

By Keith A. Paul

What is the supernatural evidence of genuine prophecy? The test of genuine God given prophecy is weighed in terms of whether it brings forth the testimony of Jesus Christ. There are many prophetic voices coming out of mysticism, religion and the occult streams. These streams are filled with confusion, deception and manipulation. They are genuine in the sense that they have a spiritual force propelling them, but these prophetic manifestations come out of the Kingdom of Darkness rather than the Kingdom of God. If you are searching for the genuine Prophetic Voice of God then this article will give you some tools to discern your pathway through the prophetic realm.

God has given us guidelines so we can discern the supernatural realm. Genuine God given prophetic messages will bring forth revelation about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Genuine God given prophetic messages will bring people into the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ and reveal His character, His purposes and present work. The content of a genuine God given prophecy will activate these supernatural realities. That is the first test that will help determine the legitimacy of God given prophecy.

The second test is of equal importance. Genuine God given prophesy should flow out of a messenger whose character also re- presents the character of God. God does give grace for His prophets as with all true Believers. Every Believer is in a process of recreation. There will be flaws that are being refined and perfected. However, the heart and spirit of the prophetic messenger will be turned towards God and seeking after transformation. In stark contrast to this work of grace is the prophetic messenger who obviously operates in prophetic precision but is completely corrupt in their character. Corrupt in that they show no Christ like traits or attributes.

Prophetic voices coming out of mysticism, religion and the occult will fail one or both of these tests. Some of these voices have a degree of accuracy in prophetic skill but are not pointing recipients to Jesus Christ and secondly do not demonstrate Christ likeness in their lives. They are disqualified by default from being a messenger of God because of these discreptancies.

A genuine prophet or prophetess will speak accurately, bring people into a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. A genuine prophet(tess) will also reflect the attributes of God. Their personal character may be in a process of transformation, but they are taking on the attributes of God through their faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, God is releasing many into prophetic ministry. He is assuring us that His Kingdom is very near. He is saving, delivering from demonic oppression, healing sick bodies, releasing provision, changing circumstances, touching people with His power and giving victory to those that are calling on His Name. The supernatural manifestations of His Power are available to you today. Now is the time to ask Him to bring revelation, relationship and the reality of His Kingdom into your life. Don't miss this window of opportunity. God is inviting you to experience His Presence because He loves you enough to stand near you and provide for you. For further information contact us.

Keith A. Paul has many years of Ministry experience and is an Author. He is used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. He currently lives in Abbotsford B.C. Canada. He has traveled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. To learn more, and to receive Keith's free Prophetic Words or purchase His E Books please visit http://www.restorationplaceministries.com

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