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Friday, October 10, 2008

God is Speaking to You

By Jeffrey Hardwick

Did you know you can hear God's voice? God created you for relationship. In order to have a relationship with anyone, communication is required. God is communicating with you right now. You have been created by God to love. He desires a loving relationship with you. When God communicates with you it is always in love. How can that be? God is love. Love is God's nature.

God created us after His Own Image and Likeness. We have been created in love and to love. God's two greatest commands are: Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and strength as well as love your neighbor as yourself. Love is God's motive. Everything He does for you is based on His love for you. When He talks with you He speaks words of love. Speak words of love when you speak with God.

Many times I have spoken to God and other times I have spoken with God. One way is a monologue and the other way is a two way dialogue. God desires two way communication between us. How do you feel when someone is speaking to you or at you without giving you the opportunity to respond? Now you know how God feels. Have you ever communicated with someone something that was very important to you and they did not respond to you at all? How do you think God feels when He is speaking to you and you do not respond to Him? You must learn how to hear God's voice in order to respond to Him.

Once you understand and believe God is speaking to you, then you can prepare yourself to communicate with Him. How can you hear Him if you are not listening to Him? You must choose to listen to God so you can hear His voice. When you make the decision to listen to Him, God will make sure you will hear His voice. It is the communicator's responsibility to make sure you can hear and understand what is being said to you. Your responsibility is to listen so you can hear His voice. You CAN hear His voice. The question is whether or not you are willing to listen to Him or not. It is your choice.

How do you recognize someone's voice? You spend time talking with them. When a friend or family member calls you on the phone, do they have to identify themselves each time they call or do you just recognize their voice? In order to recognize God's voice you need to set aside time talking with Him. You may have to limit your time listening to other people on TV or radio for example.

One day God gave me an assignment. He asked me to pay attention to what and who I was listening to for one week. When He gave me my assignment I was watching four to six hours of TV a day. After those seven days, God revealed to me why I was struggling so much to hear His voice. I chose to listen to others more than God. After that revelation, a life changing decision was made. Stop watching secular TV. The results of that one decision has been incredible. It has been so much easier to hear God's voice simply by choosing to turn off the TV. Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with someone while watching your favorite sitcom?

When you choose to set aside time each day to talk with God, He will honor your decision and make sure you hear what He is saying to you. Start with reading His Word. I highly recommend you read God's Word out loud. Why? You will hear life changing truths you would not have heard just by reading The Bible. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. After you read His Word out loud, then just listen for His voice. He has something very special He wants you to hear. It is time to listen to God.

The choice is up to you.

Jeffrey Hardwick is a teacher, writer and speaker. For over 10 years he worked with All Americans, National Champions and Player of the Year athletes on the mental game. While working with the athletes and coaches he discovered what he shared with them works for everyone whether they are an athlete or not. Jeffrey desires to help people live the life their meant to live by sharing life changing truths with them. He knows that each person has unlimited potential residing within them. Encouraging others to know the truth about themselves is what Jeffrey is passionate about. Visit http://motivatingmentors.com/

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