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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Want a New Beginning? God's Principles to an Abundant Life Part 1

By Brent Conley

Everyone is always looking for a way to have true success or how to make more money. What is true success? What is it founded upon? There are alot of people out there with the answer or so they think, just search for the word success online and see how many results you'll get. It's overwhelming to say the least. The problem is most of them are man's definition of success. While some of them can get you to that point but will it last? In this article we will look at one principle that God teaches us about true success and a way to abundance according to Him.


God is constantly showing us his faithfulness when we put our faith in him. For example there is a story about a widow who life change dramatically because of faith and can be read in 1 Kings 17:7-24 that demonstrates this for us. I paraphrase here for sake of time. It is about a widow woman who was visited by a prophet of God called Elijah. He was told by God to go to a woman in a town called Zarepath to get some food to eat. He found her getting ready for the last meal for her and her son because they were down to nothing left, no money no food but just a handful to make their last meal so they could eat and die. He told her to go ahead and do it but get him something first . He went on to tell her that the Lord said if she would do that then her flour would not run out or her oil dry up. Can you imagine being asked to do that? Regardless she gave him the meal in faith that God would provide for them and her life was changed in a moment. She never had to worry about food again because God gave her an abundant supply everyday. Her flour and oil were replenished over and over again.

So no matter what our situation or circumstances God has a plan of provision for us. He is the true source of success and He can do this in every area of our life.

Brent Conley is a part time internet marketer as well as full time husband and father. He loves the Lord and enjoys helping others to achieve their dreams and goals. To learn more about his internet marketing opportunity, visit http://YourFinancialHarvest.com

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