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Friday, September 5, 2008

Second Coming of Christ - A Very Important Message From Spirit

By Glen Russell

Did you know that the Christ Soul or Christ Energy has been with us now for the past 25 years? It is what has been referred to in the Bible as the second coming of Christ.

Like a Thief in the Night, the Christ Energy (or Photon Belt) as it is referred to in the spiritual worlds, is a mass of spiritual divine energy that has been coming closer to the Earth's plane every year. It was sent to Earth some 25 years ago, when the Earth was out of control and preparing to blow itself up with nuclear bombs.

The thousands of Ascended Spiritual Masters of the Office of Christ (that includes Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama the Buddha and Mother Mary) realized that the Christ Energy needed to return at this time in history to prevent the world's destruction.

This is why the Earth was not blown up by nuclear weapons back in the late 80's, when it was looking very ominous. The second coming of christ prevented it.

Did you know there are 4 Christ's? There is the historic Christ - Jesus - who channeled the Christ energy from God / The Creator via the Office of Christ some 2000 years ago. Then there is the Inner Christ that exists within all of us - it is our Godself, our Higher Self. The true part of us that exists in spirit. The word Christ is not a man. It means Divine Spark of Love and Light. Then there is the Cosmic Christ. This is the sum total of all the Inner Christ's, also known as the Creator / God. Then finally, there is the Photon Belt, or Christ Energy, that has been sent like a thief in the night to restore peace and harmony to the world at this time in history.

But the Christ Energy Photon Belt has more than one purpose. The Earth is transforming from a war-like negative 3rd dimensional planet to a peace-loving positive 4th dimensional planet. And the people on Earth are being forced to become more peace loving. This is what the Christians refer to as the, or the new age folk as spiritual ascension.

But how will this happen? Firstly the Christ Energy Photon Belt is raising the spiritual vibration of the Earth and causing lots of changes. These changes include:

1. Natural disasters: Many souls cannot handle the rise in spiritual vibration, and are choosing to leave the Earth via these natural disasters that serve as exit posts for these souls. It is a cleansing of the planet.

2. Depression / Chronic Illnesses: The Christ Energy is causing all the negative energy (repressed negative emotions and pain) within people from all their previous lifetimes and this one, to come to the surface. This is causing a great deal of depression, suicides, and chronic illnesses. But this is being done for a very good reason. This is causing many people to seek emotional healing and spiritual healing so they can release this build-up of negative energy from all their lives, that is contributing to the planet being in the war-like state that it is in. For those who do not seek emotional healing, they will become more sick and die, and have to live out their future lives on other 3rd dimensional planets. For those who DO seek emotional healing and accept divine / God healing, they will be able to live out their future lives on a peaceful loving 4th dimensional planet Earth. It is a cleansing of the planet.

Do not be alarmed by this. It is as it is meant to be. In 2012, the Ascended Masters will send down a concentrated beam of the Christ Energy above the Great Pyramid of Giza. This will enter the body of all remaining people on Earth, changing their DNA cell structure to vibrate at the higher rate of the consciousness of the new age.

How do I know this? I am in contact with the Ascended Masters and their teachings from the Office of Christ. You too can access them. I will give you the website address I have created for this purpose. It is www.maitreya-teachings.org

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