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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Role played by Church retreat in our daily life

By: Ron victor

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Within each one of us lies the desire to know the meaning of our lives. At some point of time man strives to analyze the reason for his birth and his duties towards the Almighty. Not all of them get the answers for these questions by themselves; some of them need to be guided by persons who know the answers; or persons who will guide us to find these answers. All of us are born with miseries and toil to overcome them in our day to day life. But seldom do people succeed; invariably, each person has his own tale of woes that differs from one another according to his degree of tolerance. He tries to find solace in his path of religion; a time tested way to salvation (or for the moment at least).

Every religion has its own doctrines and principles to lead a man to salvation. Be it Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism; they preach the presence of God and make us bring closer to him. But, in today’s world of carnal pleasures, time is scarce, and God doesn’t enter our minds until we are forced into a cataclysmic situation. Fortunately, the Church is one such constitution that has, from time immemorial, guarded and guided mankind towards Godliness making him realize the power of God in his actions. It organizes various congregations to combat the weaknesses of man that tends to lead him away from God. One such effort is the retreats organized by churches.

A retreat is a gathering, where we contemplate on any given virtue. It is the moment to savor the gift of life and try to assess our compatibility towards it. The answer could be in negative or affirmative; in any case, varied thoughts are pooled together on the given issue and the cleric or pastor gives his sermon on what should be done to set right the situation. It is not, as widely believed, violating the rule of God or sin, but innocuous that we are, that God Almighty is forever kind enough to wash away our sins. These gatherings strengthen the belief in God. He is omnipresent and omnipotent. Man, however sinister his mind may be, is welcomed into the kingdom of God if he is willing to cleanse himself of all his sins. His atonement is the first step towards rectitude.

A sin, is no more a sin when confessed and forgiven; This is the theory in Christianity. When there is someone who is closer to God (than us) who reaffirms this conjecture, there is hope regained in mundane hearts. Once he is wary of his sin, he makes amends for it by refraining from such behavior and focuses on the path of God to make our world a better place to live in.
Also this forms as an outlet for men, women, children et all to vent their emotions, a season for self appraisal, a term to set right the wrongs in our life, a period of rehabilitation, if desirable. A positive attitude towards life is what we need today. That doesn’t mean that there can be a repetition of our immoral demeanor .A ray of hope for the hopeless is what these congregations endeavor to offer.

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