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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let Us Talk About God, the Bible and America

By John Tebar

God was not subject to discussion over our kitchen table, when I was growing up. I guess it was somehow a taboo subject, since my parents were not really that religious or spiritual.

Where did we go off course here? Why don't we have more discussions about God, His will and intentions for our country? I believe that we have become so politically correct that we don't want to "offend" anyone.

Well I know that we do have quite a mix here is this country. Yet censoring public display of the Ten Commandments or a spiritual slogan should not be the emphasis of whether something is "offensive" or not.

Some people don't like peanut butter, so should we remove it from every shelf in America? I am stumped on the back off in discussing spiritual principles that have been in existence for over two thousand years.

The bible discusses family, social, economic and political modes of behavior, which are the basic precepts and concepts for foundational practice. People act as if God has nothing to do with America. This is a fallacy and one of the pitfalls that have led to many of our current challenges in America today.

If one looks at the book of proverbs in the bible, there is a ton of advice on how to conduct oneself in business and social activity. If those concepts were taught to our children in high school, they would have the knowledge of business equal to a college education.

God's word is embedded in our constitution and our bill of rights. Our founding fathers opened the door so that all religions can come and practice in complete freedom. From my understanding, they use to open up congressional meetings with prayer. Don't we need more of that?

I don't consider myself a Bible thumper or a religious person. I do consider myself Christian. I have those values and work on getting a bit better practicing that everyday.

Every problem facing us today has to do with the amount of separation from God and prayer that has been self-imposed by our own leaders. We keep crime statistics but we don't keep law-abiding statistics. We talk about bias and bigotry but we don't push acceptance and tolerance.

The media sensationalizes murder and theft, but do not cover in detail the good works of most Americans. I guess they will lose their ratings. We should not ignore crime, but we should be promoting what we can do to fight the good fight and bring about better citizens.

We have confused values. As an example of this, when an everyday teenager gets pregnant out of wedlock they are demonized or shunned. When a high political figure has their child pregnant and out of wedlock we cheer on pro-life. Talk about confused messages. You cannot have a double standard.

Is one better than the other in God's eyes? We have laws that would charge the father in either of the above circumstances as statutory rape. You want to drop the teenage pregnancy statistic, start prosecuting the fathers. You want to curb abortion, do the same.

A true spiritual person will take care of their children. They would educate them on the stuff that will keep them out of trouble. When children are properly instructed, when they are young, they will adapt better to society.

In America, the door was opened to a completely new way of living. A new world with new concepts of government and fellowship. It is the Judeo-Christian principles, which this great experiment, have survived many trials and tribulations. We stand strong on values, but there are those who deceive us.

The one thing about the bible, God's word is true. It was true thousands of years ago and it stands true today. America should not coward to speak of God in its communities, educational halls and its public places. God favors our spirit we are perfect in His eyes.

It is now that our faith in God must be strengthened, only because there are those who are trying to silence our praise. It will not stand as long as we join in fellowship to claim the promise, which is America.

Our history may not be perfect but this I am sure, that America stands for freedom to worship, speak and act according to the truth that have been laid down by many who died to protect her.

We should scream out "Welcome" to the land where we see no barrier in fellowship. Bring us those who worship the Lord and wish to be free. Let the bells of every church ring out come and take comfort for you are in God's country and take joy in all of God's promises in peace, love and harmony.

Come and pray with us for tranquility and prosperity of this great land. For this is our birth right now and always. Our nation united under our flag will always be here to scream out to those who come to us "Welcome to America!"

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