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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Language of Your Calling

By Lynetta Dent

Do you know what the purpose of your life is? Do you recognize the voice of your calling? Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty strange. But the truth is that our calling does speak. The problem most of the time is that we don't recognize the language. This teaching will help you identify and clarify the call that God has placed upon your life.

Let us pray: Father in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you to open the eyes of my understanding and help me recognize what you have called me to do in the earth realm. Father open my ears to hear your divine call. And Father give me the courage and boldness to fulfill your divine plan for my life. In Jesus Name I pray, I receive it as done, amen.

For many years I did not recognize the language of my calling. I was miserable, depressed, lost, confused, insecure and had no direction in my life. I didn't have a mentor who could point me in the right direction. Matter of fact most of the people around me were in the same boat that I was.

At the time I did not realize that I was already on the path to fulfillment. I did not recognize that everything around me was loudly declaring, " Hey, you, the one with all the problems, you've been chosen to help these people. There is a deliverance anointing upon you."

Many times in life we do not mentally connect the dots( I have a teaching called Mental Connections that will teach you how to accomplish this) We don't recognize that usually the problem closest to us is the one we're anointed to solve.

In Judges chapter 6 a man named Gideon was experiencing some serious problems. From the text we can conclude that he was quite upset with God because of all the things that had befallen the children of Israel. The bible says they were greatly impoverished because of the midianites. They hadn't seen the miracles that their fathers had spoken of. There was no hope in the mind of Gideon.

But what happens next changes everything. The bible says in response to the cry of the children of Israel God sent a Prophet to tell them what was wrong and he would raise up a poor, discouraged, oppressed coward name Gideon, to bring God's people out of bondage.

All along Gideon's calling was speaking. But he did not recognize the language of his calling. The state and condition he and his family were in was speaking loudly to him. His deepest pain was trying to give him a message. Even the questions he asked the Lord clearly defined what he was called to do. Because your questions in life are more powerful than you think.

For years I had the same questions Gideon had. I would ask myself and God, with tears rolling down my face, "Where are the miracles that I read about in the bible? How can I be a Christian but yet so miserable? Will I ever amount to anything? Why are so many Christians oppressed and poor?

These questions have led me to some of the greatest discoveries in my life. These questions have led me straight to God's divine treasure house of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The supernatural experiences that I am experiencing and that I have experienced, mere words can't describe. Now, my husband and I are able to help thousands of people who are stuck and in need of directions and answers through our teachings, books, and conferences.

Imagine that! Who would have thought a girl that was pregnant at 17, no direction, no mentor, no guidance, surrounded by generational problems, would amount to anything.

My admonishment to every reader is this: Take a closer look at your situation and ask God to open your eyes to see and open your ears to hear the Language of Your Calling. Write down those questions that lurk in the back of your mind. Make a list of the things that hurt you the most when you see it happening. Things such as:

Child abuse People in poverty Racism Single Mothers unhappiness in church women or men that are hurting in a specific area etc

Next make a list of speakers, ministers and books, that you find yourself drawn to. I enjoy a variety of ministers, speakers and books. But I've discovered that I am drawn to ministers, speakers,and books that address living a supernatural lifestyle led of the Holy Spirit. I have a natural drawing to Spiritual matters and Kingdom dynamics. Why? Because my calling is to provide directions and answers for people who are stuck just like I was.

As you do these exercises prayerfully, you are going to make some awesome discoveries. You are going to awaken over the next few days to a new sense of purpose, direction and fulfillment. This teaching is available on CD.

About Lynetta Dent Lynetta (aka Lea) Dent is not just a powerful minister they are gifted Spiritual Life Coaches who specialize in coaching people who are stuck and in need of direction. Their radical coaching style encourages individuals not to strive against the grain of their Godly design but to fully embrace a supernatural way of thinking and living.

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