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Friday, September 5, 2008

Is God Really All Powerful?

By Hannah Henderson

It is sometimes difficult even for true Bible-believing Christians to remember the power of God when they are so often surrounded by the power of the enemy. However, just as king David encouraged himself (KJV, Psalm 42:5), Christians can do the same for themselves at times. This often requires actively thinking on those parts of God's word that few believers read or of which they have ever heard.

Ironically, it may prove a good idea to first consider the "power" of man in today's world to help put very significant truths into perspective in times of doubt. How can thinking on the power of man be of any benefit in remembering and focusing on the power of God? Why would one want to do this?

During Sunday school, a pastor commented on the lesson and made a very valuable comparison regarding this subject. He spoke of the amazing technology that planet earth now has. If believers will let their minds rest for even a moment on the incredible accomplishments that fragile man has made, he may find that he's taking an important step towards a higher level of the mind's eye contemplating God' authority.

The lesson dealt with the trouble that many Christians have believing in the Lord's power in today's world. However, the pastor brilliantly took advantage of the technology of today's world to make a forceful comparison between God and man. The older gentleman spoke of the technology of his youth, contrasting it with that of the present. His speech particularly impacted one visitor to the class. He explained how flabbergasting the feats of man truly are. Men built jets that fly higher and faster than any bird, transporting people to almost any destination in the world in less than twenty-four hours. Imagine what those who lived in ancient times would think if they could see this. Men took control of invisible waves in the air in order to be able to talk to one other even when separated by thousands of miles. Imagine how unbelievable the land line telephone would be to ancient peoples let alone the cell phone. Men have built space ships and probes capable of entering the heavens and can communicate with them by satellite from earth. Such a thing would be incomprehensible to the ancients if they could raise themselves from their graves. The list could go on and on.

What used to be pure science fiction and fantasy is now everyday reality. All such accomplishments were made by the power of man who was made by the Lord. Is it really so difficult to believe in the capabilities of the Creator who made man with such amazing capabilities? Such thoughts are definitely not a magic formula for exercising faith in God. However, they are a thought in the right direction of knowing that God truly is all powerful.

Genesis 18:14 says, "is any thing too hard for the Lord?"
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