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Thursday, September 18, 2008

How To Get To Heaven.

Assuming that the preachers are correct in that there is a Heaven to be gained and a hell to avoid in the afterlife (Maybe the real life since it seems to be eternal and this one doesn't). How can one be assured of gaining the one and avoiding the other? Seems a simple question, but of course as soon as we introduce the ideas of men it gets complicated. Of course there are those who would say just accept Christ and you are in. As true as this sounds is that all there is to it? If Hitler accepted Christ at some point in his life, will he be there to greet us when we arrive? What does it mean to accept Christ and is it something I can undo if I care to? Or perhaps if I do enough good stuff and don't do bad stuff God will be so impressed He will have to let me in. Or maybe it is my church attendance and obedience to authority that gets me the shoe in.

So how do we clarify this mass tangle of indoctrinated prejudice so that the Truth becomes obvious to all? How is this; to get into heaven is simple, all you have to do is be Immortal. Now doesn't that make everything simple and easy? Of course it does but once again if we are going to involve the ideas of mortals it gets complicated real fast; but we won't let that stop us from proceeding.

So why must I be Immortal to get to heaven? Well, there could be several good reasons why this is so and perhaps explaining them will help untangle the previous mess we found ourselves in. Let's start by examining the whole theory of heaven and hell to begin with. Obviously there must be some sort of a scale involved with heaven being at the Top of the Scale and hell at the bottom. The nature of this scale would just as obviously be the criteria by which the two are deviated between this range.

So what is the criteria by which this scale is judged and how can we estimate our position along it range? In a word: Energy.

Energy is the difference between the two polarities on our scale and it is kind of like AC or DC. Heaven operates by Positronic Mass and hell operates by Psychic Mass, it really is just that simple. Now I could have said: "Heaven operates by Love and hell operates by fear" and said the same thing, but I prefer the technical accuracy of the first. So why must you be Immortal to get to heaven, it should be starting to become obvious we hope by now.

So then, let us assume that heaven and hell differentiate as two non-complementary energy reserves, and just for the sake of measure call love positive and fear negative. Now then, with heaven representing the energy reserve of Love and hell representing the energy reserve of fear, you should be able to draw a few conclusions of your own and we can move on to another reason.

Another reason you must be Immortal to get to heaven is that the whole place is made of Immortal Substance. Everything there is Immortal, the grass, the buildings, the streets of Gold, and the people are all energetically compatible with the environment. Of course this Absolute environment being the Home of God, all this is made possible through Divine Genetics. This residence of God is really the home of God's Family because God does not need a home but His Family does. That is also why He established the genetics and why we call Him Father. If we are shaking someone's confidence in the rule book they were counting on to get them to heaven and make them immortal, all we can say is It's about time!!!

So how about we shift the nature of our inquiry for a moment to what does it take to go to hell? With our Scale in place it should be obvious that all it takes is fear. That should probably say it all and be good enough to move on but I suspect some mortals may need clarification on this point. Fear is the measure of your Psychic Mass. It is graduated along a perceptual ratio of being and doing and experienced between the observer and the object of Awareness. There you go, deal with it!!!

So why do I have to be Immortal to get to heaven, can't I just do something instead??? Because that is how it works and YES, there is something you can do. Let's get back to that whole Divine Genetics thing. Obviously we cannot do something good enough to get Immortal, so if it cannot be earned then it MUST be received as a Gift. Having Freely Received a GIFT of this Magnificence, thanksgiving and appreciation may be in order to not seem disrespectful (Of course disrespectful receiving is preferred to rejection). Those who reject this supreme Gift while claiming to have it and teach others to do likewise are the most Blasphemous of the bunch; we refer to these as Mortal Church. Mortal church must deny your divinity at all costs for the sake of their own survival (Notice the Love/fear syndrome at work here). With mortal church in charge, it's a wonder anyone ever makes it to heaven. Good thing it's not up to mortals or we would all be doomed! Which brings us back to Divine Genetics.

Divine Genetics can be seen in one sense as the Cosmic Blueprint of the Universe. As such there is no escaping Divine Genetics on this level because it incorporates every energetic fluctuation of the cosmos. One aspect of this Blueprint is what we call the Morphogenetic Field, which is the Collective Consciousness of any species and our Human Species in particular. It is as a member of this Collective Consciousness that we can track your Divine Genetics Personally. Of course if you don't take anything personal, you avoid detection on that meter. So now if we are going to talk about your Personal Divine Genetics, I guess we'll just have to take it up a notch.

The Bible Says: "Your Life is hidden in Christ." This is a direct reference to your Divine Genetics. Jesus resolved all the issues of Personal identification with Godhead by infusing our Collective Consciousness with His Resurrected BODY. First thing we should note is that this Impact to our collective is established Fact and cannot be undone. That is why we can Accept it or reject it but we cannot change it. Second, it is our acceptance or rejection that determines our degree of mortality. Third, acceptance requires we return to Divine Genetics.

The Divine Genetics of our species is understood as the Morphogenetic Resonance signifying the molecular activity in the Resurrected Flesh of our Living Savior, directly active in the entire collective. So then it would seem that our Divine Genetics operates by Resurrection Resonance and that you have the choice to accept or reject this Free Gift, but you cannot change it, and rejection leaves you mortal.

So let me ask you a question now: "How did you think you were going to get into heaven without being Immortal???"

By: B Weiser

To learn more about the Immortality of your Soul go to www.newreformationnow.com or just stay mortal like everyone else.

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