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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Help in Time of Need

By Jeffrey Hardwick

Imagine getting help whenever you need it, no matter what you are going through. Help is always available. Always. You just need to know where to turn to for help.

Many times we get ourselves in a position where we can just ask someone to help us, but because of pride we choose not to ask for a helping hand. We are on this earth to assist one another. We all have strengths and weaknesses. God created us that way for His reasons.

He desires for us to depend on Him for everything. God is trustworthy. God is your Helper. He is available all day and all night. In fact, He desires to help you. Just ask Him. He will say Yes to you. There are times when God uses people to give you a hand. Either way, you can receive help.

Why does God wan to help us? He desires for us to succeed. God has success on His mind and wants you to be successful, but He knows you cannot live this life on your own. Success is available to you, just as much as failure is an option. Have you made your choice yet? Success or failure?

How much help do you really need to fail? You can do that all by yourself. If you choose success, help from others is required. No one becomes successful on their own. Think back to a time in your life where you succeeded. Who helped you?

Many people will take responsibility for their successes but not their failures. Why is that? Pride. If you believe you are a success only because of your own actions, you are deceiving yourself. Do you know what the cure is for pride? Humility. Make a choice to humble yourself.

Have you ever been around prideful and arrogant people? Did you enjoy being in their presence? Probably not. Have you ever been with humble and meek people? It is more enjoyable to talk with those who are humble because the focus is not always on themselves. A humble person can be willing to help you without taking any credit.

When you understand that help is always available, just humble yourself and ask. When you do ask, your chances of receiving help increase 50 percent. How do you feel when someone asks you to help them and you really want to do it? People really do want to help you. God really, really wants to help. Just ask.

The choice is up to you.

Jeffrey Hardwick is a teacher, writer and speaker. For over 10 years he worked with All Americans, National Champions and Player of the Year athletes on the mental game. While working with the athlletes and coaches he disocvered what he shared with them works for everyone whether they are an athlete or not. Jeffrey desires to help people live the life their meant to live by sharing life changing truths with them. He knows that each person has unlimited potential residing within them. Encouraging others to know the truth about themselves is what Jeffrey is passionate about. Visit http://motivatingmentors.com/

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