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Monday, September 1, 2008

Five Pillars of Excellence For Personal Spiritual Growth

By Lee Wise

Don't let the brevity of these comments fool you. They are a gold mine in terms of value in our lives.

These four disciplines -- when reflected and acted upon --will continually propel us in the direction of living a life of excellence.


As we focus on the Person of Jesus Christ as our model, motivation and strength while striving to put these disciplines into practice, we can't help but grow in the realization of what it means to be a person of excellence for Christ.

How To Read The Following

Each main thought is followed by:
(1) a definition; and
(2) a personal affirmation that can be made relative to the definition.

Try to let each definition and personal affirmation capture your imagination: how the basic truth of what is being said could improve your life.

In order to help you "see" the possibility, allow the two questions below to serve as examples of how focusing on one of the five pillars of excellence could enhance your personal spiritual growth.

Regarding the area of *concentration,* you create a question like this:

"If I concentrated my efforts on improving in the area of personal time management, what could this mean for me?"

Focusing on *personal control,* you might create a question similar to this one:

"What if I exercised more personal control concerning what I say to others, what positive changes might I see in my life?"

Reading, thinking, and praying through these five pillars more than once should prove very beneficial for you: at least that's the goal.


Defined: concentration is the power of focus.

Related Affirmation: "I am focusing and staying focused on the most important issues and tasks of life today."


Defined: control is the power of self-discipline.

Related Affirmation: "I am exercising daily control over my emotions, energies and talents for the purpose of maximum involvement and achievement in life."


Defined: completion is power of follow-through.

Related Affirmation: "I am being persistent and enduring. I am finishing things."


Defined: compassion is the power of caring.

Related Affirmation: "I am caring and loving. The attitude of caring frames how I am living today."


Meaning: Christ is the power of true life in action.

Related Affirmation: "I am looking to Christ as my example of compassion, concentration, control and completion.

He cared for people, concentrated on what mattered, controlled his life, and completed all he came to do."

A Question For You

If you were to pick the most important area to work on this week, which one of the disciplines would it be? Record it here:

"The Personal Spiritual Growth area I choose to work on this week is:

Remember Two Key Words

When creating your plan of action, please keep in mind the following two words:

1. Believable
2. Achievable

Believable = small enough to be able to see yourself actually doing what you desire to do.

Achievable = Step-by-step success.

Avoid steps of action only Jesus himself could do!

In other words, take into consideration:
(1) your current stage in life;
(2) your current set of realities; and
(3) the level of any skill set needed to accomplish your goal.

The best to you and those you love,


A Suggested Prayer...

"Oh, Father, I come before You and ask you to bless my life in these needed areas of discipline. Lord, which one do You feel I should work on this week?

I ask you to guide me through the process, help me to be realistic in what I set out to do, and then help me to look to Jesus as the example of how to live my life at all times.

I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen!"

© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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