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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dance of the Bride and the Bridegroom - A Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

By Brenda Craig

Lord, I so desire for my heart and my soul to receive such a gift from You...such a sound from Heaven. I long for Your love to swell in my heart like an open gate and pour out of my being with rivers of living water. I know I have had questions that seem to have no real practical answers sometimes. I know all things cannot be grasped with the mind but must be absorbed by the spirit within me. Some of Your Word today seems too grand and I can't wrap my mind around the simplicity of relationship with You. Teach me to glory in the simple ways...in the simple things.

Always remind me of Your truth and how You see me when I am found to be comparing myself with another. Sometimes instead of rejoicing at the uniqueness of another person's dance I have been known to feel less than and wonder if I will ever be like them. How silly! You never want me to be like them. If I was I would be them, and that just wouldn't do.

May I ever keep my eyes focused on You Lord and learn to dance the dance You have chosen for me...one intricately designed to fit my personality...to fit who you designed me to be. I receive courage from you and ask you to embolden me as I have never been emboldened before. Let me feel the brush of Your wings as You cover me...as You fly with me.

Lord, I can imagine the scene. I know how fearful I would be...I have been fearful over much less in my life than dancing an actual dance with someone. I know the inner insecurities of my own heart all too well. However, I take comfort in the fact that You know them to and do not condemn me in any way. You never berate me or say, "Why don't you change or just get over it!" Sure, you correct me but it is always with mercy and kindness.

Therefore, I need not fear. In fact, I release all fear of what You might think...all fear of what others might think. After all, You already know everything I have done or will do and still love me...still want to dance with me. How amazing You are.

May the butterflies in my stomach become wings with which to fly...wings to fly to heights I have never know before...wings with which to move with such graceful motion in my dance with You. May I become so accustomed to moving in sync with You that my steps become well timed like the notes of a great opus. I dare to put my hand in the palm of Your hand where my name is carved...where the steps to my dance with You reside.

Lord I run...no, I fly to the safety of Your arms...your embrace. Teach me the simplicity of being with you...teach me to receive the lavish grace of Your heart and life. My heart skips a beat when I think of you...when I speak Your name. I hear you calling for me to arise and come without condemnation or guilt. I lay them all aside as I receive forgiveness and embrace goodness and mercy.

I let go of all fear and allow Your perfect love to penetrate my heart. This way no fear can abide in or near me. I rest myself in Your love and listen with my heart to the beating of Your heart. Let the Word have its perfect work in me and patient love will abound toward you, toward others and toward myself. Most of all teach me when to rest and when to dance...when to fly and when to settle down in the nest of Your presence that I might be filled.

Lord, all I can say...all I can sing...is grace...grace...grace...beautiful grace. I embrace Your goodness-Your kindness to me. I cloak myself in Your patience love and enduring grace. I wrap myself in the communion of Your heart. I hide in the communion of Your secret place. And I dance...yes I dance on the lofty heights of Your Word of Truth which has power to change and make whole. Purpose and destiny are lived out one moment...one breath at a time. Each step I take with You is a piece of destiny as it unfolds before my very eyes.

Teach me to learn when to arise and dance...when to rest and meditate...when to just behold You...to gaze upon Your beauty. Help me to embrace the process and see it as a dance. After all, dancing is way more fun than process. Process is simply process; dancing however, is beautiful and pleasant to see and hear when set to the music of Your heart.

I arise my Bridegroom to dance this dance with You as You bid me come. I acknowledge in spite of all I may see or feel that I am Your chosen one...the fairest of ten-thousand. Step by step my fears are dissipating and faith is growing in my heart until if overflows into the streets of my life. I listen. I hear. I receive and I give. I rest my head on Your speaking heart to dance "The Dance of the Bride and Bridegroom" with you. Amen

Brenda's writings are designed to provide prophetic insight and encourage others to develop a two-way relationship with the Lord. Brenda is the author of Carvings In His Palm, What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name

You can read more of Brenda's inspirational works on line at http://www.journalsoftheheart.com or http://www.soakingwithapurpose.com

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