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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Angels on Every Side

Author: Jason Powers

In a world that we live in today can be a very dangerous place with terrorism, natural disasters and human hatred at an all time high as never seen before in history. We as God's people must understand the reality of God's Angels. No matter what your denomination or background we are able to walk in safety in today's dangerous world. The Lord does not look at denominations, color or background, He looks at the heart. If you live a surrendered life in the Lord then you are promised Angels for protection.

Never again do you have to live a life full of worry and fear. You can walk through life with peace and joy knowing that there are Angels walking with you and your children. Some think that God won't protect them because of their failures and mistakes that they made in life; however we must understand that the Lord doesn't look for perfection He looks for surrender. His word promises great protection for those who seek Him and live for Him even in today's busy life.

Angels are ministering spirits, they minister for the saints but they do not minister to us (Ps 104:4) (Heb 1:7, 14). Only the Holy Spirit ministers to us however Angels minister for us. In times of great danger you can count on an Angel/Angels being their, because you are God's child and He cares for you. In your worst moments you can walk assured that everything is going to be alright. When your enemies surround you pick up your head and be full of strength because you're not alone in this battle.

When you decide in life to walk out into God's plans you will be faced with danger on every side and every time you will see the power of God as He makes a way where their seemed to be no way through that battle and many times He will send Angels to fight and clear the path that you're walking, because nothing and no-one can stop God's plans for your life not even satan himself.

There have been times in my life that I have seen supernatural events of Angels working in my life concerning protection. Like the time when a car was coming right towards me both of us were doing around seventy miles per hour on a major highway in the state of Florida, the car jumped lanes and came right for me when all of a sudden I seen that car thrown off to the side as though a unseen hand pushed the car out of my way. I have had many other victories like this that's why I am writing to you about Angels they are real and they are there for you.

Relationship, that's what it is all about; your relationship with Jesus Christ is where it all begins. They who fear the Lord have Angels encamped around them the Bible say's, so it all starts with relationship with the Lord. It is Jesus that should be worshiped not Angels. It is the Lord that paid the price for you and as that relationship is developed then you will experience supernatural protection that the Bible teaches. Today begin to live this life without fear and worry then you will experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give you.

Jason Powers a Christian Writer in the state of Florida. His books have touched many lives from around the world including India, Pakistan, Africa and the UK. For more information about Jason Powers or his writings visit Jason Powers Ministries

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