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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Woman God Created You to Be

By Becky Efetobor

Why do we have lots of women in our society today not fulfilling God's plan and purposes for their lives? Living as if they are not relevant and have nothing to render to a world waiting for an answer from manifesting the potential God has placed for them even at creation. By the grace of God, l shall be sharing some lies that some women have come to believe about them.

But let me remind you again, woman. God created you to be a helpmate to your husband and to bring fulfillment to his life and also to help him fulfill God's plan and purposes for his live. Remember, if you as a woman neglect this great assignment, you would have not only fail yourself, but your generation and your creator. It is an honor to be a woman of virtue; so, do not allow these societal lies I'm about to share with you rob you of your happiness.


YOU CAN'T MAKE IT I have seen mothers who have suddenly realized that they can't make it and have decided that they don't even want to try. So many women are running away from their God given responsibility under the guise that l cannot cope, but the word of God in Phil 4:13 says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God's word cannot lie. You can and must be a light to your home and a support to your husband, then a blessing to your society at large.


This lie has caused so many women to adopt attributes and behaviors that run contrary to their natural characteristics and temperament, these women have been untrue to themselves as they have tried to be what God has not created them to be. Woman your role in the home cannot be the same as that of the man who is the head and captain of the home. If you see your role as the same, how will you submit and obey him or see him as the head of the home. We are called to be a help meet, to compliment his effort as the head, a husband and the father of the home. Let me say here that obedience does not make you inferior. And knowing these differences may help you to be more comfortable being a woman.


Most women believe that to achieve their purposes in life, they have to postponed marriage and delay motherhood for the sake of a career. In doing so, they ignore the fact that their reproductive system was not designed to last long, by the you realise your error, you may not be able to make up for the lost time. This is not the plan and purpose of God for a you. If a woman puts off motherhood for too long, her desire for children could end up never being fulfilled. God said be fruitful and multiply Gen 1:28. How many marriages today in our society are breaking up just because of the issue of childlessness, and most women, truly, at the end, are not happy and fulfilled as a result of childlessness.


This is another lie that has greatly affected a lot of women that later ended up as a single parent, or not getting married at all. As a Godly woman, you need a man to call your own, a man to bear his name no matter your level of accomplishment. God said, you as a rib was taken from a man, so you need that man so that you can fill up the missing rib. You belong to a man, just one man in marriage. So, erase this lie from your mind, that you have achieved so much shouldn't make you not to submit to a man as your husband, you need a man as a covering over your achievement and the world will so much honor you.


Are you a child of God? Do you know his will and plan for you, if not; you cannot deliver yourself from these lies. All you need to do right now is to commit your life into the hand of your creator and ask him to help you.

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