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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Source of Self Improvement Philosophies

By John Tebar

Though many self improvement guru's claim that these ideas in personal development are not there own, you can find all of it in the bible.

For many years I have not revisited the word of God. Do I believe that the bible is the word of God? Of course I believe it. What others have done is deny where the true source of self improvement comes from.

All we do is emphasize certain portions of the teachings of the Old Testament and New Testament. A lot of people would say that I am being preachy. That is furthest from the truth. It is a testimonial that what has been going around can be found in our oldest and most reliable source for living ever printed.

In Genesis we read the story of the creation of the Universe. If you analyze it not only is it a testimony of how God created the Universe, but it outlines how we should proceed in our thinking. It proceeds in a particular order doesn't it?

Let us focus on the act of creation, first there is thought, and then there is manifest of what is thought. The thought comes first, then the spoken word, then the thing spoken about. Does this sound familiar?

In the secret it talks about visualizing, affirming with words and then get on with the work and in time it manifests. In time one has to hold true to the belief that what was visualized and spoken will show up in their lives.

If you take a further look you find that not all was created in a day. There was a breakdown of steps in a particular order and with gratitude of the day's work. Sounds to me like a priority system in a particular order of importance. The gratitude shows one reverence in the work.

On the second day God saw his work and it was good. Now think about this. Did he start to stress out because he wasn't completed? Did he start to think ahead and get anxious about the other things that were not yet created? Of course not, it seems he handled one thing after the other and allowed pause in between.

I wonder why he allowed a pause in between. Hmm maybe time to think rest and reflect of what he has done that day? We do not manifest that quickly. Remember that God has his own time clock and we have another.

Let us take a look at the Ten Commandments, let us look at "thou shall not kill" and "thou shall not steal". What is this all about? Doing right thing, yes but most important of all, it is about our behavior. In the secret they talk about being in alignment with what you desire. If you desire wealth, stealing wouldn't be an option. If you desire to be in a good relationship with your family, friends and community, you would not kill people for their transgressions.

What most self improvement guru's do is to extract from other writings to make it sound secular or make it sound New Age. There is no New Age it is only a repackaging of what is tried and true.

Here is the deal; most people have a deep belief in God. Yet, they want to believe that they can change their lives without God's help. I for one have discovered that this is not possible and most likely improbable.

The power for you to do anything comes from the Holy Spirit which lies in everyone. I was posed a question once that really puzzled me. The question was "If God came to earth what church would he go to?" That is a great question. I pondered for many months on this question. I believe it isn't about what church he would attend, I believe he would go to each individual that believes in Him.

In personal development much is emphasized about faith. Having faith in your source (God) and keeping that faith through your actions. We should ignore or set aside our circumstances and learn to "Walk by Faith and Not by Sight."

When someone quits on there goals or their desire the first thing that happens is that they have lost faith. Whether it would be in their source or themselves that is exactly what happens. Yet the bible teaches to keep faith alive in your God (source) and in yourself. Believe and you will achieve? Same lesson isn't it.

Business decisions and advice can be found in Proverbs. There is wisdom imparted by Solomon about keeping good counsel and he doesn't talk about one person he talks about many. He talks about the associations one puts together in business.

All of this in personal development one hears about the master minds groups, getting people on your team, doing business with good people and not those who are negative or of poor character. He talks about hasty decisions. This is where most personal development gurus will separate themselves.

Most personal development guru's want you to buy something now. They need your commitment and will tell you that this is offer or opportunity is going away in so many days. Maybe they have a great product or service, but that coercion, that need to rush in and make that decision fast without ample time to really examine, contact, discuss or counsel with anyone will lead you down the wrong path.

From my own experience I have made many quick decisions and have lost thousands of dollars. The only reason was that I hastily moved into action and without complete review. I only found that in order to get to the goal one has to spend even more money, time, effort and energy. Most of the time, if I just looked into the bible I would have found what I was looking for, that is simply the truth.

This is not to say that what you are being told is invalid or of no value. It can have tremendous value, what happens is that you are left without resource to make it happen. You can have a billion dollar plan but then no funds or resources to support it.

It is always the question of your own intent. Are your intentions honorable? Are you seeking wealth beyond all else? What is it that you are trying to fix or create in your life? You must examine your intentions. Is it heartfelt, will it benefit your family without violating values and integrity?

Purity of thought, the want to provide and do better for your family and friends is a noble cause. The question is can you right from where you are now, start on that path? If you can not bloom from where you are, then the issues that you need to address is right there. You don't have to go on any long term venture. You need first to place the right foundation, right from where you live. That is the place from where you start. Study and application will get you on the right path. Jumping into many ventures or ideas will leave you confused, undisciplined and lost.

The reason I am saying this is because in the personnel development arena that are many trains of thought. There are different approaches, but you must find the one that directly addresses your needs, wants and desires. You must do your due diligence, by actively researching the credibility and the accessibility of the discipline.

I have yet to find anything in self development or self image theory and applications that have not been found in the bible. What I have found in simple restatements of what already exist. Not that these restatements are faulty but they lack the reference or origin. Most statements are that these are laws of the universe. This is true, but these laws were established by God and can be found in His work.

The source for all these self image and personal development issues can be found in the bible and that source has been in existence for thousands of years. Even though we have progress in our technology the fundamentals never change they remain as they were.

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