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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Solving the Problem of Evil

By Brandon Songer

"If God exists, why is there evil? If God is all powerful, why doesn't he stop bad things from happening?"

This question arises based on a problem of perception and another based on lack of expansive knowledge.

-The Problem of Perception

Man, it's attempts to quantify and qualify what God is, has inadvertently projected human thinking and human ideas on it's concept of God. God is not man or a woman. God does not think like we do. It doesn't care about computers or fashion or nudity or the kinds of words you use. These are human concepts that try to box god into a specific limitation of religion. God is so much more than we can possibly imagine.

How aware of you of your kidney? How about the cells in your kidney? How about kidney cell number 143,254,239? Are you even aware of any of them? Of course not, yet you still care for them and wish them the best health and prosperity you can. You could even say you love them. You would not wish death on them and you would protect them if you knew they were threatened. However, you do not have a one on one relationship with any of them. In fact, there is such a vast size difference, such a vast intelligence difference between the two of you that it is impossible for you to relate to each other except on the most simple level, that of the desire to live.

The same holds true for our relationship with God.

God is an energy being that consists of the entire universe as its body. Entire Galaxies, containing billions of suns, each with their own planets and solar systems, are merely microscopic specks when compared to the universe as a whole. How much more insignificant are the individual planets themselves, of which you are like a single bacteria cell on the face of it, when compared to the Universe as a whole? Are we really so arrogant and selfish to believe that God is personally involved in our daily life? Who are we to decide how God will view us or treat us? It is because of ego that we feel that God should individually acknowledge us in a personal and special way. We are totally insignificant when compared to the whole. Yet we are all vital in the roles we fulfill as a whole.

Nature works on the concept of numbers. It knows that out of a litter of 10 puppies in the wild, 6 will probably be killed and maybe one or two will survive to fulfill its role of perpetuating the species. Rather than counting on those two, nature uses numbers to ensure the job gets done.

Those who serve the Universe are similar. The Force knows that most spiritual beings will fail to awaken or fail to fulfill their purpose. This is why it calls out to so many. Few even acknowledge this call, and fewer still follow the path through to it's conclusion. God loves us all enough to give us existence. But God will not come to you without effort on your part. If you wish to have a greater role, a greater connection to the Force, you must move closer, you must Awaken!

-Limited Knowledge.

The Ancient masters of the past have tried to tell us in their own ways what God was. They used the best knowledge they had at the time based on the level of development that man had attained. As time moves forward, mankind becomes more sophisticated in it's understanding. The philosophy of old has nearly become the common thinking of the intellectuals of today. Instead of a handful of Socrates' or Plato's now we have a small percentage of the population who has the same level of understanding. What was once extremely rare has become much more common while the rare has moved further into the unknown.

Because the intelligence and knowledge level of the average person in ancient times was limited, they concepts they had available to translate knowledge from the higher consciousness was very limited. They didn't have analogies like computer processing or airplanes or holographic technology. Even explaining something as a simple to us as a CD or a watch would have been nearly impossible.

When you read these ancient accounts and descriptions of what God is in books, you must take this limitation of language and concept into mind. It is simply an error of logic to assume they had it right the first time and that we should not attempt to refine our understanding by using modern terms with which we can better identify with.

The masters of the past were still learning about the way the universe worked as they went and did the best that they could. In the same way that we have a much better understanding of the human body because of years of research, many modern day masters and mystics have been able to distill the teachings of the old ones into a much purer form of knowledge. Knowledge that is much closer to the ultimate truth. Sadly, not every teacher out there is doing this, the majority of them are simply following the old cookie cutter patterns and dead ends of history, but that is a discussion for another time.

-Why does evil exist?

In the beginning, there was nothing. There is a law in this dimension, this frequency of existence, that says "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." When the Force slowed it's vibration to enter into this dimension it caused a reaction. God is about life, experience and growth. When it entered this dimension it brought those and many other attributes with it.

But now the question must be asked, "Where is the opposite reaction to the Force entering this dimension? Where is the opposing force to God's presence?"

That opposing force is the darkside. The darkside is anti-life. It does not want growth or experience. Its goal is to make all existence cease and return to absolute nothingness. Evil exits because of this opposing force of energy. Now, understand that I am not talking about petty human ideas of evil like shoplifting or cheating on your wife, I am talking about things that suppress life and experience. There is very little that you can actually label "evil". The majority of what is considered evil is actually based on man made systems of morality. These systems change based on time, culture, country, etc. If anything, these rules could be considered to be of the darkside because they inhibit free expression and experience by using guilt or fear of punishment for breaking these rules and customs.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not all knowing. If it was, there would be no reason for any of this to exist. God is here, in this dimension, to learn. It learns through the living beings that inhabit the Universe. It learns indirectly through our experiences. The darkside wishes to suppress and end this experience, to stop life, to stop expansion and novelty. God cannot simply snap its "fingers" and make the darkside go away. This dimension has laws that govern its workings and everything that exists in it must abide by these rules. Miracles are certainly possible but if you bend the rules too often or too greatly there is always a backlash that attempts to "right the program" and restore balance to the system. If there was no evil, no darkside, the Force would have no opponent. God would have nothing to struggle against in order to develop its consciousness.

-There is a Choice

Whose efforts will you ultimately serve?

The darkside and the Force are opposing forces with opposite agendas. As a spiritual being you must choose to actively support one or the other, otherwise you will support the darkside by default.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing"

Spiritual beings exist to enhance the growth of the Force and resist the influence of the darkside. We are the spiritual immune system for the planet and for the Universe. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of assuming that only God exists in this dimension as some non dual traditions have incorrectly related. If there is nothing to struggle against there would be no growth and without growth there is no reason to exist. There must be an opposing force, an opposing intelligence to God in this dimension and that is the darkside.

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