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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Message From Creator to the Churches

By Dorothy K Daigle

Two witnesses have been sent by Creator. Creator has sent a message to the churches through His servants. Why are you not teaching what My Son Jesus taught?

You teach vague untruths in muddy waters as the gospel of Christ when they are merely deceiving doctrines of man!

My Son Jesus told you! He taught you Unconditional Love. When he was asked by the lawyer how he could gain eternal life, Jesus made it very clear. He asked the lawyer what he read in the Law. The lawyer answered that he read that it was to love God the Father with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus told him he had answered correctly. (Luke 10:25-28)

Why have you ignored My Son's teachings? Do you think you know better than he did?

How do you think you can become one with Me? It is through Unconditional Love. My Spirit is Unconditional Love, Unconditional Love is eternal, Unconditional Love is eternal life.

I have sent other avatars to you but you have not learned from them. Time is getting short. We are now in the end times. What do you think it meant when Jesus taught you that those who endure to the end would have eternal life? It meant that those who have Unconditional Love residing in their hearts right to the very end will inherit eternal life. Unconditional Love is the Holy Spirit, Unconditional Love is Christ, Unconditional Love is Me. I am eternal. I am your righteousness!

Listen to the teachings of My Son. They came from Me.

Your Father...

Dorothy was taught by Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, for over ten years in Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual ways, in Eastern philosophy, and in Judaism. She was raised Christian so she has a good working knowledge of Christianity. She became disillusioned with Christianity so she now follows no religion, but strives to walk the Red Road spiritual path according to Jesus' teachings.

She received her call from Creator in the fall of '92, and was then taught by the great prophet Elijah for four years. She was given four assurances by Creator when He called her. She was told that she was anointed by the Holy One of Israel, that she would be protected until this work was done, that Creator would go before her whenever He sent her somewhere, and that she did not have to prove herself to anyone. She is one of Creator's two prophesied witnesses. She carries wisdom of many years of living under Creator's guidance and direction.

Spiritual teachings of the two witnesses are taught in the book Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle. Red Hat Speaks can be ordered from any bookstore. Do not wait too long!

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